Older players to play in a World Cup

Older players to play in a World Cup
The goalkeeper Essam El Hadary became the oldest player to play in a World Photo: The reporter

You know who they are the oldest players who have ever played in a World Cup? As usual, what you have.

Older players to play in a World Cup

Essam El Hadary

With 45 years, 5 months 12 days, Egypt's goalkeeper became Russia 2018 the oldest player to have played in a World. In a game where there was nothing at stake both teams being eliminated, Hector Cuper it gave him the opportunity to be the oldest player who never played a match in the World Cup, setting a record that will be hard to beat.

Faryd Mondragón

The 24 June 2014 He has written a new record in the history of the World Cup. Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragón, Ospina replaced in the match against Colombia was sentenced Japan. At that moment, Mondragón, with their 43 years and 2 days, He became the oldest player playing in a World Cup. His first participation was in 1994 Y 20 years later, past forty, He has managed to break a record that will take a long time to overcome.

Roger Milla

Nothing more and nothing less than 42 years, 1 month and 8 days, Cameroonian striker played Roger Milla at World USA 94. In addition to having the record for being the oldest guy who has never played a World Cup appointment, US got another record. With his goal to Russia in the match when Salenko set another record by scoring 5 goals, He became the oldest player to score a goal in World Cup history and that came to the appointment of 1994 being already retired and for merely figurative reasons. It is also the only outfield player list.

Patt Jennings

Pat Jennings played in Mexico in 1986 with 41 years. The veteran goalkeeper, He had made his debut with the shirt of Northern Ireland 22 years earlier, in 1964 when it was almost a teenager and past 40, He kept goal for the last time just the day he turned 41 years in Aztec appointment. It is the player who more times has been international in the history of Northern Ireland.

Peter Shilton

England goalkeeper will go down in history as one of the best goalkeepers who have given the British Isles and for being the man who conceded the most memorable goal in World Cup history, the marked by Diego Armando Maradona. But nevertheless, It would also be remembered for being one of the most veteran players to play in a World Cup. Did 4 years after the Mexican appointment, in Italy 1990 where he played with age 40 years, 4 months 19 days.

Dino Zoff

The Italian Dino Zoff played in Spain in 1982 with 40 years, 4 months and only 6 Peter Shilton days less than in 1990 being in his older player playing time FIFA World Cup. If you hold the record is to be the oldest champion in history since Italy, He won the World 1982 with Zoff in goal.

but Boumnijel

For its position in the field, porters often stretch over their careers. Because, the last protagonist was also goalkeeper. Tunisian goalkeeper appeared in the World 2006 in Germany 40 years, 2 months 12 days. Your selection did not pass the first round but he was able to enter history this curious fact.

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