The most curious anecdotes of the history of football

The most curious anecdotes of the history of football
Ivan Zamorano with its mythical 1+8. PHOTO: Twitter

Do you know some of the best stories in football history?. El fútbol, the sport that raises passions and emotions generated, that sport has written pages and as, many curious anecdotes. As we always say, collect them all in one article would be an impossible task.

That's why, faithful to our style, we will try to collect some of las best anecdotes in the world of football. Hopefully you are to your liking

Did you know that Elias Figueroa is the only player who played in the World Cup and grandfather being?

You are right. In 1982 Central Chile was involved in his third World, tenía 35 years and in fact it was almost unheard of and grandfather. ¿La razón?, according to the same Figueroa he said in an interview he married 15 and her daughter with 18. To the 35 it was grandfather.

Lobo Zagallo and the hidden cabals

Zagallo Wolf was an institution in Brazil. That everyone knows, but do you know what happened at the end of Mundial de USA 94?. The final of that World Cup had to be decided on the penalty spot. Brazil and Italy, They had tied to zero in a wordy party had to decide who was the world champion. During that shootout.

Lobo Zagallo and Parreira They remained back during the shooting when the Wolf said: “Now we can look”. Why we can look? He asked a surprised Parreira affected by the own nerves of the moment. Why Roberto Baggio have 13 letters and fail. And the Italian failed.

Who is the worst team in the world?

After the Sultry image of Tahiti in the Confederations Cup Brazil 2013, They might think it's the ocean selection but weak, There are worse and much. San Marino holds the terrible record of being the worst team in the world. It is the national team more competitive games and has lost the least games won. Just a sad victory. The rest of his baggage are four draws and one hundred and one hundred four-game losing nine games. The selection of San Marino came to be up 18 years without winning a game.

WilliamFatty” Foulke was a kind of weight

William ‘Fatty’ Foulke holds the record for being the fattest guy who has stepped on a football field. He played during the early days of the twentieth century and is still (and possibly will always), the fattest player in history. Two meters high 151 kg It seems elusive in football today. He played the chronicles keeper who hung the bar one day and broke.

anecdotes of football history
Who of all is Fatty Foulke?, sure I guess.

Molina, the player goalkeeper

Jose Molina is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Spain. Obviously, This made him go to the Spanish team which reached debut Is the story?, what he did field player instead of goalkeeper. In a friendly against Norway played the 24 de abril de 1996, with all field players changed there was an injury and be available no more changes outfielders, the then national coach Javier Clemente had the curious idea of ​​putting on the pitch Valencia goalkeeper inside left. The player argued after the selection is played whatever it takes.

Carranza Trophy invented the penalty shootouts

It is said the English who invented football; of French who created major international competitions. But perhaps what many do not know is penalties that was invented in Cadiz, during the dispute Carranza Trophy 1962 and was created in a totally casual and haphazard.

Until then, the custom was to repeat the meeting if this ended in a draw. However, this final tournament that faced Zaragoza and Barcelona would be a before and after in how to proceed to undo the ties.

After finishing the game scoreless, the manager of the club gaditano, Rafael Ballester Sierra proposed to run five pitches from the penalty spot consecutively provided to shorten the duration of the tournament and give a prompt resolution. leaving one the best stories of the history of football.

The FIFA y la UEFA adopt this system for years after qualifying in big tournaments. The first major title decided by penalty shootouts was Euro 1976, en la que Czechoslovakia beat Germany with the Panenka penalty.

We played with my ball

During the World 1930 each team had its ball. In the end of the championship that faced Argentina and Uruguay, neither he agreed to play with the ball the other so the referee had to make a decision, each part is played with a ball.

The boat trip from Italy 1950

During the decade of the 40's, Torino dominated the European football amply. That team was known as the "Great Turin. In 1949 the team suffered an accident on the hill of Superga, in what became known as the tragedy of Superga. Ten of the eighteen components of that team were in the Italian national team, so the blow was tremendous, mental and athletically. Por este motivo, the components of the new Azzurri, they decided to travel by boat to Brazil to play Mundial de 1950.

USA and his team of all parties in the World 1950

United States gave an upset by beating England 1-0 Brazil's World 1950. The American team was composed of players from all places in the world, who they did not know each other until a few days before the World Cup start. To give you an idea, The winning goal was the work of Haitian Getjens.

Ivan Zamorano, 1+8

Ivan Zamorano wore the number nine to the back of his jerkin during his time at Inter Milan. The Italian team contract to Brazilian star Ronaldo During his first year with the Milanese he had to wear the number ten.

Nike which he was the sponsor of the Italian team and the Brazilian brokered the matter since for commercial reasons phenomenal striker had to carry on the back nine. That conducive to Zamorano had to change the eighteenth dorsal choosing to take nine. How would I do that?, putting a singular + between one and eight.

Zamorano 1+8 stories in football history
Zamorano had to change the 9 por el 1+8. PHOTO:Brand

The goal that discovered an infidelity

Abril de 2000. The Genoa, the rise was played to Serie A against Atalanta cuando Davide Nicola, Home team striker scored the first goal. Passion Dam, ran out of the field where there was a police that was in charge of protecting order.

Football player, He kissed her on the lips to the lawman in an image that was recorded by the cameras and was broadcast live. And is that despite the initial denial, it ended up discovering that the police, He had a roll with the player. His wife and the husband of the agent, they learned the cake thanks to the heat of passion. And is that a goal, it's a goal.

The goal that saved a life

He Mundial de Francia 1998 left one of the great anecdotes from the history of football.At from the goal that saved a life, almost nothing. And is that a bit of Javier Zanetti against England in France, saved the life of a prosecutor in Poland. Pero, How did the Argentine soccer player save a life thousands of kilometers?

The answer had a first and last name, Narek Kopaczen, a Polish prosecutor who was a man of routines and customs. Everyday, He is walking his dog, He had dinner and took his car to park at the same time to a police station near his home. The reason for the latter, it was because a criminal gang which was chasing, they had previously raided and trashed their vehicle.

Besides, the fiscal, had already received threats of all kinds. Pese a ello, He continued his routine and his life trying to be oblivious to this terrible situation, something that could not help that night 1998. Como cada día, He went out to walk his dog and sat down to dinner in front of your TV with the particularity that day, en pleno Mundial de Francia de 1998, threw the Argentina-England. With Zanetti's goal, at the end of the first part, the game got exciting and Kopaczen kept watching the game, skipping his routine. And this saved his life.

At that moment, while watching the game, his car exploded. If the prosecutor had followed his usual routine instead of just watching the game, would have died in the explosion. Later it was discovered that the bomb had a timer and was programmed to explode at the exact time that this meticulous man, he took his car. Something he would have done if Zanetti's goal had not kept him on his sofa glued to the television. Such was his appreciation that Kopaczen sent a letter to the Argentine thanking him for saving his life..


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