Five of the worst players ever

Five of the worst players ever

Who are the worst players ever?. This question, It is difficult to answer, almost impossible given the number of players who have played, They play and play at a professional level. Give a complete list would be presumptuous on our part. So if we can is to introduce you to five of the worst team has seen Colgados, five types with a discreet career and for one reason or another have managed to play in the elite after completing an almost shameful history, although some even got to play in two of the biggest clubs in the world. We present five of the worst players ever.

Ali Dia

And what you have in the article that we wrote 23 July 2013: “The amazing story of Ali Dia, the player who was not”. He managed to play in the Premier League without having played in your life to professional football in a bizzare, almost comical story. Such was his ridiculous that the next day to play the game, nobody saw him again. Want to know how you got it?, click here

Sabin Ilie

Adrian Ilie joined Valencia in January 1998. Romanian player, He performed the best second half of his career and went off with the shirt of Valencia. The “Cobra” as he was called had a brother, Sabin, according filtered, It was the good brother of the two. Nothing is further from reality. Sabin came recommended by his brother and did not play Valencia. Valencia had to swallow his contract over several years, until 2002, where he had to cede many times in one season since he came to spend up to three teams. All it took off when they saw off their meager skills. An unfortunate player who lived in this sport without having qualities.

Perica Ognejovic

Upon arrival at Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz, president of the time it said that it was the new Mijatovic. The truth is that this was just a kid who had stuck his head in the Red Star but had not yet proven to be one of a kind. Juice 15 games in two seasons with Real Madrid and left with more pain than glory. He was in Germany and tested at Ajax and then end up playing for Malaysia, China and other locations with very low level tournaments. To make matters worse, He failed to collect more than two games in many of the computers that was. He was a player of a very poor standard.

Cristian Colusso

When he signed for Sevilla he was known as the “heir to Maradona”. The truth is that his move to Seville club was embroiled in a murky matter what it cost to have a good time without playing. At the end passing through the Sevilla ended with 6 parties and had to go to Mexico where he was injured. The rest of his career throws the balance of play in the English Second, in the second Venezuela and Argentina, Third in Italy and so little competitive tournaments like Algeria. A fairly discreet and poor career for which was the “heir to Maradona”.

Mariano Angoy

Mariano Angoy perhaps the most accumulated merits has to enter this list. His football career was virtually nonexistent. It was at Barca, and, but he did not play neither friendly. With almost 30 years was in the Barcelona B, when the average of a youth team are 10 years younger. When rules had to go to Barcelona first team he played a couple of friendlies and counting. What she had to be done Mariano Angoy in Barcelona?. We will not be we who say, only this data will point them: he was married to the daughter of Johan Cruyff, Barcelona coach during that time. Curiously spent Angoy football football, sport that seems to be given better.

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