When Real Madrid signed Atom Ognjenovic

When Real Madrid signed Atom Ognjenovic
The Ogjenovic Atom was one of those rare signings of Real Madrid at the end of the 90.

He “Átomo” Ognejovic beat RamboPetkovic as a peculiar signing as a Real Madrid player. Although it seems hard, the white team in 1999, last summer the twentieth century, He performed some of the most nefarious operations in its history.

He had done a few before but that year he seemed willing to excel. To all of you come to mind people like Congo, Rodrigo, baljic and others who entered the list of los peores fichajes de la historia del Real Madrid and that they arrived at a galactic price being authentic players of the lot, third or fourth level.

The Ognejovic Atom, one of the rarest players to have gone through Real Madrid

what's “atom” It was worse. arrived in january 1999, to strengthen the set target facing the second round. It was about a Balkan footballer who had stood out slightly in the Red Star of Belgrade. The player, He had entered his eye the most madridista president of the time, Lorenzo Sanz, he insisted on signing him. His baggage was inconsequential, in that half season and despite having two coaches Hiddink y Toshack, only played one game.

Its global baggage was not very good. From 1999 until 2001, time he was linked to the white discipline, He managed to accumulate 12 League matches and 3 other competitions. He scored a goal. After Real Madrid began a ten-year journey around the world seeking accommodation in equipment. Something that did not come because in the vast majority of teams where he tried failed to debut or play more than two matches, despite playing in places like China or Malaysia.

He was discarded from teams like Ajax or the Kaiserlautern that they observed that it did not give the profile. He “ÁtomoOgnejovic was recorded in the history of Real Madrid, but even in a non-positive way, there it was and no one can take that away.

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