Of winter signing Real Madrid footballer on the island of Bormeo

Of winter signing Real Madrid footballer on the island of Bormeo
Julien Faubert, from playing for Real Madrid to playing on the island of Bormeo. Photo: As.com

¿Sabes qué fue de Julien Faubert? Was el fichaje más raro de la historia reciente del Real Madrid, he reached the white club in the winter market 2009 in an operation that few understood. Especially when they paid 1,5 million euros for the transfer a player who was not a regular in the West Ham. English met as a whole Real Madrid paid them by a player who was completely dispensable for them. The player how could it be otherwise, juice 2 times and disappeared end of the season to pursue a career somewhat peculiar. We speak as of Julien Faubert, a player who seeks to follow his career Isla de Bormeo, the third largest in the world.

¿Qué fue de Faubert?, one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid

Girondins Bordeaux's former player, West Ham, Real Madrid, Elazigspor, Kilmarnock and Inter Turku seeks to prolong his career on the island of Borneo and looking to continue his career in Borneo FC, eighth-ranked Indonesia Super League last. “He came tonight and will join the 'stage’ preseason in Yogyakarta, but you have to wait for regulating the League is issued to finalize the signing” confirmó el presidente del Borneo FC, Nabil Hussein Said Amin, a ‘BolaSport.com‘.

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