Great puffs from the Spanish League: Julien Faubert

Grandes pufos de la Liga española: Julien Faubert
Faubert can always tell who played for Real Madrid although it was almost testimonial. Photo:

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Julien Faubert is one of the strangest signings that Real Madrid has made in its entire history. In the season 2008/09, The white club was adrift after a terrible sporting project that had started with Schuster and continued with Juande Ramos. Besides, was also mired in a chaotic institutional situation. It was the year before the second era of Florentino and was the year in which months later, He was coming to Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. But that Madrid was something else and Faubert, It was one of the best evidence of this.

How did a player like Faubert come to Real Madrid?

And 30 of January of 2009, one day to close the winter of the season, Real Madrid he surprised by announcing the incorporation of a player as unknown as little baggage. The news, It took more than one surprise was not explained as a prestige club Real Madrid, although that year was terribly far from the level of Guardiola Barcelona, He could sign a player who was not a regular in the West Ham. English club btw, pocketed 1,5 million euros for the transfer of a player who was completely dispensable for them. Seeing is believing.

As was logical thing went wrong, fatal. He made his debut against Racing Santander and then played another short time against Athletic Club Bilbao. Total, sumo 52 minutes Real Madrid player, and they also caught him sleeping on the bench. An anecdote that if it weren't for the fact that we were already living in the era of the internet and multiple cameras, possibly he become an urban legend.

Faubert Real Madrid peores fichajes
Faubert decided to take a nap in the middle of a match against Villarreal at the then Madrigal. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

Florentino's return brought back the stars

The season ended and almost everyone left the club giving way to the second era of Florentino. Then in June of that year came Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Pellegrini etc…and as it was logical, swab He returned to England with very few minutes as a Madrid player but he will always be able to tell his grandchildren that he, he played for Real Madrid. As a curiosity, the player became international with France but later, debuted Martinique, Caribbean country which had its roots being so another of the many players who played several selections. Faubert went down in history as one of the worst signings in the history of Real Madrid.

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