Don't miss the most important matches for the closing of the 2023

No te pierdas los partidos más importantes para el cierre del 2023
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Last update 23 November, 2023 by Alberto Llopis

A few months before the end of the year there are still a large number of games left in 2023 important before closing this period. They are some of the most anticipated events by fans and if you are a fan of this sport, you can't miss them. Football encourages people to dream about something, and this helps them distract their minds a little and gives rise to new goals. People's feelings are reflected when they see the players on their team as gods and encourage them to win.

In the following article you can find a list of the matches in 2023 most important before the end of the year. You can also see more key details of each of the matches so that you keep in mind in case you plan to attend any of them, watch them on television or try your luck and strategy by placing some bets according to your predictions.

Bayern-Manchester United, 20 of September

Manchester will make its debut on the first day of the Champions League group stage next Wednesday 20 of September. Their rival will be Bayern Munich and the match will take place at the Allianz Arena. In the same order of ideas, the return will take place on Tuesday 12 December at the imposing Old Trafford. It's a great game 2023 that many fans wait to go and support their favorite team.

Sevilla and Arsenal 24 October

He 24 October a match takes place that will be decisive for both teams. Sevilla and Arsenal will give everything to achieve their place in the round of 16 in the Champions League. It is important to keep in mind that Arsenal have just had a very good season for their Premier League career., achieving second place.

On the other hand, although Sevilla was a little poor in the league, made it clear that they are a strong team in the Europa League, winning the victory. Thus managing to qualify for the Champions League one more year.

Barça-Madrid, 29 October

The first classic of the season 23/24 will take place on 29 October at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium. Without a doubt it is one of the parties in 2023 most anticipated of this year. Watching Real Madrid face Barcelona is an event that unites fans, football fans and bettors to give their best predictions.

It is considered the Spanish derby par excellence according to fans.. A very interesting fact about this meeting is that, although they have already been measured on different occasions in the month of October, It is the first time that they see each other's faces one day 29. Blaugrana and Merengue have a history of approximately 23 meetings in the month of October.

Manchester United-Manchester City, 29 October

Another of the great disputes that we will see on 29 October is the English derby between Manchester United and Manchester City. It will always be a match 2023 awaited by all those football lovers, and it is one of the most important sporting rivalries in English and world football.. The match will take place at the Old Traford stadium.

Nobody can deny that football became a feeling and a lifestyle for people.. It is clear that when the season approaches, brings joy to all those who are going through difficult times and need something to forget about everything for a while.

On the other hand, It is an excellent way to disconnect from work life or meet new people who share the same hobby as you.. These are just some of the matches in 2023 most anticipated. However, There are still games to play in the rest of the year, what, if they catch your attention, you can check out the sports news.

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