The worst signings in the history of the League in the winter market

The worst signings in the history of the League in the winter market
We are going to remember some of the worst signings in the history of the League in the winter market. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

The list of the worst signings of the winter market It could be expanded And going to the winter market is one of the options that clubs use to correct the planning deficiencies made in the summer. However, This situation is no guarantee of success, rather the opposite is that there are few who have succeeded in the winter and those who have been unsuccessful signings.

Some of the worst signings of the winter market in the history of LaLiga

Antonio Cassano

The Italian arrived at Real Madrid in the winter of 2006. He did it in striking form., of some 7 kg above your weight. A physical form that far from improving, got worse. And it is that his own Antonio Cassano He said years later that during his time as a Madrid player, He lived in a hotel where he was in cahoots with a waiter who brought him buns and a bowl of milk to sleep after the Italian had spent the night with some 'friend'.. Was 1 another year at Real Madrid where he barely played 29 white player games.

Elias Mendes

This Brazilian footballer arrived at Atlético de Madrid in the winter market of 2011 by 7 millions of euros. Sportingly he did not convince Cholo so he only 7 months later he was transferred to Sporting Lisbon after having played 18 matches as red and white. Yes indeed, Atlético sold him for 8,5 million so economically it was a very good operation.

Emmanuel Amunike

The Nigerian thing is to be a classic on this type of lists. It is in the the worst signings in the history of Barça and also in this one of the worst signings in the history of the League in the winter market. Amunike arrived at Barcelona in January 1997 at the insistence of Bobby Robson and the first thing that stood out about him was 'his throw-in'. It soon became clear that he was not the footballer that the culés needed. It lasted almost 3 seasons as a Barça player where he barely played more than twenty games. A real transfer disaster.

Julien Faubert

It was the weirdest signing of Real Madrid in the XXI century. In the winter of 2009, Real Madrid decided to pay 1,5 million from the sale of this unknown French player from the Premier, which also brought a purchase option for nothing more and nothing less than 5 millions of euros. Faubert added 56 minutes in 6 months and left the Madrid club to complete a poor career without much significance. The strange thing is that all come to play Real Madrid.

Stan Collymore

The truth is that of the arrival of Stan Collymore to Oviedo had its crumb and failure, He seemed sung. Put yourself in history. English, in a clear downhill personnel and career, had been accused of mistreatment and admitted to a clinic after having admitted that he had attempted suicide in 1999, just two years before joining Oviedo. And if that was not enough, On arrival at the Asturian city, He weighed 102 kg. Let's go, that his playing career seemed to be clinched as well but it was clear in Oviedo. Then we could see him a few years later making a cameo with Sharon Stone at the beginning of 'Basic Instinct 2'.

Manteca Martinez

The Uruguayan was a very contrasting front and an idol in South America teams like Boca Juniors. However on arrival in the winter market 1998, it appeared that little or nothing left of that player. Riazor did not succeed and did nothing relevant playing only 3 parties and leaving a rather poor image.


He arrived at the height of two other Brazilian stars who triumphed in the league, with only matched in most of the name. Unfortunately for him, Strong decided to start his career in the Spanish League proclaiming in his presentation that he was the "mix" of Ronaldo and Rivaldo, to end up concluding that he was like Ronaldo but without the o. At those moments, Ronaldo was the best striker in the world by far and Rivaldo one of the most talented players in the football universe and Renaldo one more striker taking advantage of the first “boom” televisions in football. Media very poor season and several assignments were his baggage in the Depor who had paid 350 million euros for him in the winter of 1997.

Maxi Lopez

He joined Barcelona in the winter market 2005 where he spent two seasons with more pain than glory until they yielded to Mallorca. Many years later he would become famous by the love triangle starring with his ex-wife Wanda Nara and Argentine striker Icardi

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