The best winter signings in the history of La Liga

Los mejores fichajes de invierno en la historia de la Liga
Marcelo arrived in winter 2007 with scarcely 18 years to Real Madrid and left after thirty and with 24 titles in the bag. PHOTO:

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Who are the best winter signings in the history of La Liga? Sign in winter has always been seen as a patch to shortcomings or mistakes in summer. But often the results of the winter market have not been satisfactory, others often this second chance with clubs, He saved them from failing to meet the targets set since the beginning. Let's remember some of them.

The best winter signings in La Liga history

Marcelo (Real Madrid 2007)

What are we to say about this signing? With scarcely 18 Real Madrid years that at that time presided over Ramon Calderon, He gambled on this unknown Brazilian side southpaw who came all Real Madrid from Fluminense. Marcelo marched on 2022, 15 years later with 546 parties and 24 titles behind his back, of which, 5 Champions. Certainly a success for signing. This is one of the best foreigners in the history of the league and was one of the greatest successes of a winter market.

Dani Alvés (Sevilla 2003)

Another Brazilian proved to be a mega signing for Spanish football. Dani Alvés arrived at the winter market 2003 to play in the Seville where it quickly became a place in the team and where he played for 5 more seasons. After the Barcelona signed him and you know. He went through other teams such as Juve and PSG and came back to Barça in the winter market 2022. Although this time without success.

Edgar Davids (Barcelona 2004)

The pitbull came to help a midfield, that of Barça 2004, I was completely sunk, much as the club at that time. The dutch, He conducted a second round of scandal and Barcelona, He rallied to reach the second place. That team was the beginning of a great era with Rijkaard on the bench and Davids, It was instrumental in arranging a season that look bad.

Diego Costa (Vallecano Ray 2012)

Costa did not go for a good time 2012. Newly recovered from a serious injury that had left him in dry dock, the player needed minutes and Atletico it was complicated because at that time, barely at Atletico who he had given several teams. He played the second round of the season with the Lightning that stayed in First quietly thanks in part to the 10 goals he scored Diego Costa in 16 parties. After that assignment his career took off and the rest already know.

Humberto Suazo (Zaragoza 2010)

Zaragoza was several consecutive seasons on the razor's edge until finally down. The first one in 2010 the same season where again First. After a horrible first round and in a tone that would be usual for several consecutive seasons, the box maño signed a multitude of players in winter. In the 2009/10 specifically the Chilean Suazo who with 6 goals, maño helped the box to keep the category.

Aubameyang (Barça 2022)

It was a very profitable signing in every way for Barça. Aubameyang he arrived at the culé team in January 2022 free from Arsenal and scored 11 goals in LaLiga and 2 in the Europa League. And in addition to goals, the culé club made this signing profitable with money by transferring it to Chelsea in the summer of 2022 by 12 millions of euros. Undoubtedly one of the best winter signings in history.

mejores fichajes del mercado de invierno
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was one of the best signings that Barça has made in a winter market. PHOTO:

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