Some of the great pufos in the history of the Spanish League

Some of the great pufos in the history of the Spanish League
Pato Sosa and his peculiar oxygenated mane. He not managed to succeed in Spanish football. And presentation made history when he fell taking a few touches on the ball. Photo: As

Who are the great pufos in the history of Spanish football? LaLiga what is your name now, the Spanish League for the rest of mortals, the so-called best league in the world by many to the economic dominance of the Premier, which they say that brings together the two best players in the world, of the universe, farther. The one that Messi and Cristiano made of their kingdom, the eternal duality of Madrid and Barcelona. A league that have passed, They spend and spend thousands of players and not all are worthy of being considered among the best in the world. We remember some of the worst signings that some teams have brought to the Spanish championship.

Great pufos in the history of LaLiga



Keirrison in its unique image as a Barcelona player despite being linked to the club 5 years, when he posed with the shield. He did not play a match. Photo: As

Jackson Martinez

Jackson Martínez cost 35 Atletico million. Hard 6 months, he went to China and ended shortly without equipment. Photo:


Dmytro Chygrynskiy

The Ukrainian was a ruinous business for Barcelona. Pep Guardiola personal choice that pricked him big time. Photo: Sport

Antonio Cassano

Estetipito” Cassano had at Real Madrid. Many buns and girls in their hotel (counted for him) but a very poor performance at Real Madrid.

Julien Faubert

Faubert accumulated more photos than minutes with Real Madrid. Photo: Brand


Sabin Ilia

Sabin Ilie only comes in cromos. In five years he did not play an official match with Valencia and that was supposedly the good of Ilie. Photo: HOME.

Stan Collymore

Radomir Antic was the leading backer of Collymore. It crashed in a big way with him. Was more than finish. Photo: Brand


Ronaldo said it was like without or. The truth is that it was a failure Player. Photo: As


Marcelo "Pato" Sosa

Marcelo Sosa fell ass taking a few touches on your presentation. Was the harbinger of his time in the league. capture youtube

Cristian Riganò

The Riganò Italian already had more pint of former footballer than anything else when he signed for a millionaire salary by Levante 2007. Hard 6 months. Photo: Levante

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