Great Pufos of the Spanish League: Sabin Ilia

Great Pufos of the Spanish League: Sabin Ilia
Sabin Ilie only comes in cromos. In five years he did not play an official match with Valencia and that was supposedly the good of Ilie. Photo: When?

The end of the 90's in Spanish football, He was marked by the arrival of many foreign players attracted by the “Ley Bosman” and the television bubble era, they decided that the League, It was the most suitable place to develop their skills. Some congealed and others do not. Unfortunately, These seconds were the most abounded. Football clubs, they were filled with representatives vultures looking for prey which to try to place players, were worth or not. This could be the case of hero today, a player from a very very very doubtful level.

In the summer of 1998, preceded Valencia reached the final great season of his brother Adrian “cobra” Ilie, this brother, Sabin. Our protagonist was a Romanian-born striker 1975, which was sold on arrival it was the best of the two brothers. To give you an idea of ​​their level, He played in the not inconsiderable figure of 20 equipment, going through more pain than glory for ellos.Sus achievements in Valencia at that time were three games in the Intertoto where he left deputy and party Trophy Taronja.

Like we have already said, He was able to play twenty teams where only one could highlight the Valencia CF (phenomenal management representative, that if it was true crack) and declined Steaua Bucharest. Even so, Valencia CF who had signed a four-year incomprehensibly, it had to swallow up 2002, cediéndolo the not inconsiderable figure of 7 times in 4 seasons, since a season to play three teams as it were removing off when they saw their nonexistent qualities. A scam fledged player.

As null and void was his trip to Valencia in the league and we could not find pretty pictures of him playing with valencianista casaca. And we can say that he only played in cromos. Tal fue la cosa, we have allowed to include it in this list the five worst players that you could ever see.

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