Great puffs from the Spanish League: Alexei Kosolapov

Grandes pufos de la Liga española: Alexei Kosolapov
Kosolapov fue otro de esos 'horrores' deportivos de la Liga. FOTO: Panini

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Unfortunately for the faithful followers of the Sporting de Gijón, the club, holds the not very honorable record of being el peor equipo de la historia de la Liga, specifically his version of the season 1997-98 where gijonés club only managed to score 13 points in the league after winning just two games, tying seven losing nothing more and nothing less than 29 parties. To complete a horrific numbers, the Sporting de 1998 only he marked 31 goals and conceded 80.

Alexei Kosolapov, one more of those rare signings of the years 90

With such numerical horrors, the members of that staff could not miss in this section. Since we can not talk about all, we will focus on a Russian who arrived a few million pesetas old, Alexei Kosolapov. Nacido en 1971, en el verano de 1997, He came to play the ranks of Sporting Gijon this Russian player for the not inconsiderable figure of about 300 millones de pesetas. Tras 6 matches and a goal in a intranscendente Mallorca 6-Sporting 2, He came out in January 1998 towards Russia initially on loan.

And it is that the Gijón club had signed him for four years in the purest style of what almost all the First Division teams of the time did, blinded by the first millions of televisions and supported by the Ley Bosman. A fact that indeed, It cost the disappearance of many of them, declines in others and complicated situations such as living Sporting itself right now.

Cezary Kucharski, one of those typical signings after the Bosman Law

Kosolapov btw, it went on loan between Russia and Israel until the 2000 finally he could terminate his contract in a totally chaotic and ruinous operation. But it didn't end there.. The name of the Russian came back to the fore 13 years later when in febrero de 2013 el Sporting, he paid a 50.o0o euros owed from 1998. As we have said before and we have counted the last years of the 90 were the years of authentic pufos. A time full of sports nonsense that some paid dearly and that well into the 21st century, keep paying.

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