Great puffs from the Spanish League: Fish

Great puffs from the Spanish League: Fish

Remember the Fish, that Portuguese midfielder who joined Sevilla in 1995 y que tenía un parecido razonable con el villano del “Last Boy Scout”?. In 1995, in the hot summer this year, right in the Ecuador of the decade of 90's , Sevilla reached, a Portuguese player who had excelled in the U 20 of 1991 as the best player of the tournament. Dicho torneo, It was won by Portugal, by a team that called the” Golden Generation”, although then they failed to win anything. This team was formed among others by Luis Figo or Rui Costa.

Emilio Manuel Delgado Peixe, American soap opera was name but was Portuguese. Born in 1973, this player arrived from Sporting Lisbon where he highlighted. With a more than reasonable resemblance to the villain of the classic Bruce Willis; “He último Boy Scout”, Peixe appeared in the season Sevilla 95/96 to be the compass to guide the boat sevillista. Besides, reference had to coach Sevilla, Toni was the Portuguese, his former coach at Sporting.

El parecido entre Peixe y el villano de "El último Boy Scout" is most evident.
The resemblance between Peixe and villain “The Last Boy Scout” is most evident.

seemed so, Peixe's adventure would be a success but started badly. Upon reaching the set hispalense, an administrative problems down to the second B Seville with Celta Vigo, in the famous case that ended the league 22. After the sevillista set was maintained in First Division, se lesionó, what he did debut in the third round of the League that year.

He played only five games, from the third to the eighth day, which also they expelled twice in those five games. Has an urban legend , que su novia, I did not want to leave Lisbon and took advantage of the rest of expulsions to go see it. To make matters worse, on the eighth day, They dismissed his protector, the Portuguese coach Toni, so Peixe ended that same day passing through Sevilla with expulsion to finish the job. no longer would slip into the elastic of the Spanish team and return to Portugal, in an operation benefiting Sevilla, because despite all won 50 million pesetas for this signing crashed. Cosas de fútbol.

After, he developed his career for Portugal, where he played for several teams and ended up hanging the boots in the 2004. Portuguese Federation signed him to hand over its expertise as coach of the Under 16, although he stripped of his noventera hair for alopecia and a much more precarious shape than when he was a player. Another player that went unnoticed by many Spanish football.

Peixe con unos cuantos kilos de más y unos pelos de menos, dirige los designios de Portugal.
Fish with the lower of Portugal.
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Alberto Llopis

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