The strangest excuses Marcelino García Toral

The strangest excuses Marcelino García Toral
Marcelino García Toral, the man who always had an excuse. PHOTO: brand TV

Marcelino García Toral He is a man of those who rarely leave anyone indifferent in the world of football. And not just for coaching achievements but by their particular regretsin press conferences. And the Spaniard technician has left a long collections of arguments the less flashy. We review some of their best excuses. 

Valencia beat Espanyol did not because the 16:15 the ball is not going as fast as night 

Si, it seems like a “coif” but no, Marcelino García Toral argued that to justify the draw number 14 of his team 24 League matches. "We of 24 parties, 10 playing 16:15. Night parties, when the ball goes faster, They do not touch us, or we play very few "explained the Spaniard. Statements that sound really guasa but they miss not knowing the personality of the coach in recent years.

He complained lawn Mendizorroza as an excuse after losing the match

 “It is not an excuse, but it was not due to play, the players seemed dancers” He argued the Spaniard coach reach the press conference after losing to Alaves at the stadium of Basque team. And the Spaniard complained that the grass was frozen and had gotten him a goal and added time.

Tiredness as an excuse for one of its many draws

Despite going way surpass the record of draws in league history, encryption 18 in 38 parties, Marcelino always has an excuse for the press conference, in this case after another tie 0 against Real Sociedad. "When you play with less than 72 hours a party always note "argued the Asturian, as if his team was the only one league with the times grind them.

His team is always better than the opponent, but fails 1000 occasions, the stars join forces and only bad luck prevented his team is the “Dream Team”

This summary with some sarcasm is basically ago Marcelino García Toral matches of their teams every time you lose. According to him, He has always pulled more than the opponent (no matter whether it was true or not), has done 30 clear chances (It is often not) and only bad luck, the stars or any external factors have prevented the victory of their football team embroidering. These excuses and lack of self-criticism,  They have cost more than a reprimand between the interests of the teams he has coached.


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