Why goalkeeper is called cancerbero?

Why goalkeeper is called cancerbero?
Why goalkeeper is called cancerbero? PHOTO: As

Why goalkeeper is called cancerbero? Since many years, We are used to hearing and during sports broadcasts, commentators often use different ways to mention the gatekeepers. archers, goals, goalkeepers, guardrail, Gantry owners, goalkeepers….and of course, Cerberus.

Greek mythology very present

But where is the source of such a nickname?, because of mythology. No myths that have passed through the green fields of the history of the sport over the decades but Greek mythology. In the cradle of civilization, Cerberus was the dog of Hades, three-headed monster with a snake tail instead. Their mission was to guard the gates of the Greek underworld, They could not enter the living and the dead could not get out. Definitely, It was the guardian of hell. As it was a dog, because of there as of Cerberus

why the doorman called cancerbero
And they saw the keeper in Greek mythology. Surely more than one looked just like Iker Casillas.

What can we say to such Sentinel? Los Goalkeepers do honor to the Gatekeepers, keep the most precious of the field: the goal, his private door to hell it means for them and their team conceding a goal. With its links, your popcorn and master their hands but sometimes Blunders, are a key element in the field sometimes becomes secondary by marking the goals.

The more specific and fundamental role of all

Either way, they are called as they are called, cancerberos, goalkeepers, Archers or goals, the truth is that his job, the porter, It is the only indispensable and fundamental role of any team because no one to occupy the goal, the bow or the goal can not be played, You can not even begin or continue a game. And it is that the cancerberos always they are made from a dough different from other players in the field.

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