Alvaro Nunez, from runner-up in the Copa América to taxi driver in Soria

Alvaro Nunez, from runner-up in the Copa América to taxi driver in Soria
Alvaro Nunez, with the Numancia shirt, in a match against Barça at the Camp Nou (lamedialunadelarea)

The story of Alvaro Nunez It is one of those that attracts powerful attention. The one who was Uruguayan goalkeeper, he changed his gloves for the steering wheel of a taxi in Soria after retiring as an active footballer.

The Uruguayan goalkeeper, who was present at the Copa América de 1999 in which his team reached the final, arrived in Spain that same year to sign for the Numancia de Soria.

in the red set, that that season he returned to the First Division, stayed for 9 seasons (3 in the highest category and 6 in second). After his time in Soria, Alvaro Nunez still had time to sign for another Spanish team, the Guadalajara. In the La Mancha club he played three campaigns, all of them in Second Division B.

The career of the Uruguayan goalkeeper in our League is summarized as follows: 12 seasons, 211 disputed parties, 3 promotions and 2 decreases. However, an injury forced him to hang up his boots earlier than he would have liked this year 2011, a los 37 year old.

As the protagonist himself stated in an interview: “I thought about continuing to be linked to the world of football but there is no room for all of us who finished. I never cared. I always said that I was a goalkeeper because they paid me since I was 14 years”.

This is when he had to look for a new job, specifically in Soria, where was his wife from: “You have to work on something. Soccer ends and this has touched me. My wife had a taxi license before. It can be said that I stayed in Soria for love”.

Desde luego, the love of Alvaro Nunez by Syria and, specifically for him CD Numancia, it is more than proven, as the former player himself recognizes: “The first thing I did when I left football was become a member of Numancia. Now I'm just another fan”.

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