Some of the great deeds of modest in the history of the Copa del Rey

Some of the great deeds of modest in the history of the Copa del Rey
Cornellá beat Atlético de Madrid in the Cup 20-21. PHOTO: The vanguard

Which are the great deeds modest in the history of the Cup of the King? The new format introduced King Cup season 2019-20 One way with parties in the field of the modest and with equipment Third Division and Second B left some surprises like when a few years ago, the format and the Spanish Cup was a single party.

These are some of the great feats in the history of modest Cup King

The Cultural Leonesa charged at Atletico Madrid that lasted only one match in the Cup 2019-20 and Cornellá eliminated them again in the 20-21

The new King Cup 2019-20 He left some surprises but certainly the most capitalized, eliminating Atletico Madrid who thanks to the new format Super Cup with Real Madrid entered, Valencia and Barcelona, two rounds after the rest of First. But nevertheless, athletic path in this edition of Cup lasted only one match. What it took to remove a surprising Cultural Leonesa that good football base, It traced and eliminated Simeone.

great deeds modest in the history of the Cup of the King
The Cultural Leonesa traced and eliminated a whole Atletico Madrid in the first game of the mattress in the Cup of the King 2019-20. PHOTO: The Spanish

Atlético himself repeated elimination a year later, the day of kings of 2021, after falling to Cornellá de Segunda B and with heavyweight players from their squad on the field. For second consecutive Year, the colchoneros were eliminated in the first rounds by a Second B.

That Numancia 1996

Numancia de Soria was at the soccer plane 1996 when he planted to play against Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Cup that year. Previously he had eliminated first three of those times as the Royal Society, Sporting Gijon and Racing Santander also having passed the first round against a rival in its category. In the old Pajaritos Barcelona could not move from a tie 2 while the Camp Nou, The result was a short 3 a 1 on a night when most of Spain was a bit of Numancia for the sympathy of that modest team. In 2017 a more professional and Second Numancia, he eliminated the Málaga First two legs.

Numancia entered 1996 in the history of the Cup of the King
The deed of Numancia 1996 It was epic. Photo: Internet

This feat also caused a great leap in quality for the club and several of its members. Team captain Raul Ruiz ran on TV where and complete a long history. Lotina, He raised its cache and became a classic of First despite his reputation jinx. The club, He took a big leap in quality, She amounted to Second and First several times, He made a new stadium and is a fixture in professional category. That feat was certainly beneficial in Soria.

Real Madrid has been involuntary protagonist of many modest feats in the history of the Cup of the King

Alcorcón and Real Union Irun was given two repasitos millionaire Real Madrid. The Toledo also eliminated in the 2000. In the 2017-18, Fuenlabrada almost had a scare and pulled a draw 2 at the Bernabeu, Numancia also forced him at the Bernabeu and Leganés traced and eliminated him in a magical night of a 24 of January of 2018.

Potter starred together one of the stupidities of the century and jabbed a blunt 4-0 the super second draft Florentino Perez. On lap endured the type and after a 1-0, Real Madrid left in the lurch. A decade before the 2000 when the Cup was a single party, Toledo knocked the Madrid Del Bosque on the classic stadium Leaping Horse.

In the season 2008-09 Real Union Irun, a landmark in the early years of the twentieth century and Second B at that time, He knocked at Madrid in two matches by beating 1-0 in their stadium and 3-4 at the Bernabeu in a historic feat. One year later, season 2009-10, and with Pellegrini on the bench and having signed players like Benzema, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo above, It is planted with an alternate team to play in Alcorcón it was another Segunda B at that time.

In the 2017/18 Fuenlabrada was the one who gave a scare and pulled a draw 2 at the Bernabeu after a first leg where whites could only score two penalties. The next tie against Numancia was more of the same who did suffer whites at home. In the same Cup, the 2017-18, Leganes was charged to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu battled back 0-1 in the way and win the Real Madrid stadium by 1-2.

Reviewing the Alcorcón entered the King Cup
Alcorcón lay by 4-0 Part II of the galactic Florentino Perez. Photo:

Mirandés imitated Numancia

In the season 2011-12 Mirandes reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. For it, He was charged as in Numancia 96 a first three división.En this case were Villarreal, Racing and Espanyol who bit the dust before the modest set of Miranda del Ebro. Finally, with trouble, Athletic Bilbao then lay the second set and went on to B final then lose with Barcelona at the Vicente Calderon stadium. As in the case of Numancia, This feat also gave a boost to the club that rose to Second.

Figueras and loaded Novelda another powerful as Barcelona

The 2001-02 It is possibly one of the emptiest and gray seasons in the history of Barcelona. A season where besides Cup, They were eliminated by Figueres in the first round of the Cup when I was a single party. In the same edition, Figueres reached the quarters and also eliminated a Novelda that had been charged to Valencia in another historical surprise.

Barcelona was eliminated before the Figueres. Another story of King Cup
Barcelona was eliminated before the Figueres. Photo:

Novelda it was the executioner of Barcelona the following year when a second B, again he touches the face of a powerful and set as the club millionaire. Also a single party, the modest returned to eliminate a large. Because, It did not take many years to require parties to Return.

Valencia IOL twice and the Villarreal Pellegrini was thrashed in Ejido

If Valencia had fallen to Novelda 2002, a year earlier and he had tied up before the Guadix. A team that was runner-up Champions that year and would return to dispute, He fell on penalties after drawing 4. Pellegrini in 2009 suffered the “Alcorconazo” It was not new to these issues. One year before the Villarreal, He had suffered a humiliating 5-0 against a team from Segunda B as was the Poli Ejido and shortly afterwards would disappear. Chile suffered two heavy defeats and two straight sets before eliminations Second B.

Formentera is loaded Athletic Bilbao was not able to score a goal in two games. Lleida he traced 3 goals in the aggregate to Real Sociedad won 0-1 in the first leg and won 2-0 in return. The black Wednesday Basque teams 2017.

The 29 November 2017 It will be marked forever in the memory of players, technical and Formentera fans. In the first leg, First Athletic was unable to score against the modest team of Second B. On lap in the new San Mames, Bilbainos missed the game with a goal in stoppage that put the Formentera in the history of the Cup of the King.

That same night as if to show solidarity with their neighbors, players of the Royal Society also had a fateful night. Real he won the first leg against Lleida by 0-1 and on lap, He dominated the match 2-0, a total of 3-0 in the tie against a Segunda B only 30 minutes left. enough time for him Lleida Marcuse 3 the Royal and removed from the Cup going to the list of great deeds Cup King.

Formentera eliminated Athletic Bilbao on the same day and at the same time as the Lleida Real Sociedad. Photo: RTVE.ES
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