Numancia de Soria was the revelation of the King's Cup 1996

Numancia de Soria was the revelation of the King's Cup 1996
Numancia de Soria gave the surprise in the Copa del Rey 1996. Photo: Falso9sports

Numancia was the revelation of the King's Cup 1996. Soria vibrated with their heroes during the tournament that year cupbearer, creating a real social phenomenon in Spain. The story was so unlikely at that time that could be worthy of a movie script athletic feats.

And is that sometimes, the film gives us stories and movies about great sporting feats, that get the viewer is put goosebumps. Suddenly, I can think so at first glance a film about basketball 1986, call “ Hossiers more than idols“.

A story worthy of film

The movie, starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hooper, He was on a team from a tiny school in a small town, that half of the decade of the 50's managed to win the tournament with seven children County, defeating schools tripled the number of students, people and resources.

Simile that could apply to Numancia season 1995/96, a team that at that time lacked resources and from that fact grew up to play in the First Division then consolidated in the Spanish professional football. that year 1996 were “Cup Heroes” and they marked a precedent then follow other equipment.

How modest Numancia went so far in the Copa del Rey 1996?

But in 1995 Numancia was not the club that is now going through the Second B fighting in modest fields, even their stadium, the Old Pajaritos was an old stadium with a single tier. Copera wanderings of that modest, but full of heart soriano team started in a playoff against an opponent of your level, San Sebastian de los Reyes.

Our protagonists overcame the tie with great effort, the limits, asserting the double value of away goals, because the tie remained tied. Thus began an epic journey. Thus began the road to the deed of Numancia in the Spanish Cup 1996.

In the next round the hype left the first major obstacle on the road. Came finally have a First Division, nothing more and nothing less than Real Sociedad, which had in its ranks players like Gica Craioveanu and Valery Karpin. In the first game in his modest stadium, Numancia gave the stroke knocking down by two goals to zero to rival First.

He had jumped the surprise. But nothing was going to be a bed of roses. Within thirty minutes of the second leg held in Anoeta, Real had already equaled the tie. The soriano team would make gala legend numantina wall and managed to hold the rest of the game with the same result.

The match was going to go to penalties , which he would be needed whopping twenty shots to decide the tie. Numancia went round, it would not be neither the only nor the last machada. Nobody argued for the adventure of this group of semi-professional players going to last much longer. The next opponent, another First, Racing Santander. Cantabrians failed to win in “old Pajaritos” and they were surprised by a team full of heart and desire.

Numancia Copa del Rey 1996
In the picture we can see the old stadium next to the new Pajaritos. Photo: Stadiums in Spain

On lap, Soria won by zero goals to one. An equalizing goal was to come to the club's history was Barbarín. That day Numancia Soria put on the map, They began to make history. To gild the lily, in another knockout came first ,Sporting Gijon. All presage the Numancia was not going to pass this round, I could not knock the other team First. The story was nothing further from reality.

Sporting was defeated in Soria by two goals to one. Around in the Molinón was another lesson in stoicism and defense. Soria endured zero to zero and knock got his third team of First. Numancia was a legend, a group of men where at that time did not live all football and were able to eliminate three professional teams at the highest level.

Numancia hit the jackpot in King's Cup 1996 I would get quartered

The quarterfinals would bring the jackpot. Our indomitable protagonists would face the almighty FC Barcelona of Johan Cruyff although it was no longer the legendary Dream Team, Barcelona was still a whole. The logic pointed to Cruyff's team was to walk to these modest kids, most of whom, He had never set foot in a stadium like the Nou Camp.

Numancia Copa del Rey 1996
The deed of Numancia 1996 It was epic. In the picture we can see Pep Guardiola with Echevarria, Numancia goalkeeper at that time by the referee Lopez Nieto . Photo: Internet

Soria turned, in the “old Pajaritos”. In the absence of graderíos, had to install extra bleachers were filled course. It came the day of the party and the almighty Barcelona knelt before some warriors who demonstrated how the aforementioned film start, the heart, claw and thrust can sometimes more than money.

The match ended tied at two goals. He had jumped the surprise, Numancia had resisted the stake before the Almighty Barcelona. Turn would be at the Camp Nou a room where spectators can fit more than inhabitants have Soria. Nobody wanted to miss this quote history. An important sorianos tide fans came to Barcelona. Such was the magnitude of the event that the program “The day after” Canal Plus issued a special report where we showed the journey of the soriano team and adventure.

Such was the modesty of this great little team even he had labeled the names on their shirts, As the they labeled them themselves with a pen. Following that report btw, one of his players, Raul Ruiz ended up being hired by a television platform, becoming a popular character and commentator games. That team was led by a coach that following this feat was to become famous and later consolidated in the elite, Miguel Angel Lotina.

The question and returning to the game is that the Numancia took the lead with a goal again Barbarín. Surprise jump, everyone was stunned by the TV that night 1996. In the end the match was eventually won by Barcelona for three goals to one, closing a nice gesture that today we wanted to remember.

Perhaps the consequence of this club grew much, He inaugurated a new modern stadium, He played several years in First Soria even toppling the almighty Barca Guardiola Pep debut in 2009 as technical hurdle, and it consolidated in Second and professional football. But that day 1996, because of the unusual and heroic gesture, all went Numancia.

Numancia Copa del Rey 1996
So goodbye heroes 96 in Camp Nou. Here we can see a young man with hair Movilla and the television Raul Ruiz. Photo: Heraldo de Soria

In this video we can see the second leg at the Nou Camp.

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