Maxi and Emmanuel Biancucchi, Messi's soccer cousins

Maxi and Emmanuel Biancucchi, Messi's soccer cousins
Maxi and Emmanuel Biancucchi, los primos futbolistas de Leo Messi. PHOTO: Olé

Everyone knows Leo Messi, However not everyone knows who they are Messi's soccer cousins. Especially when they also do not coincide in the first surname. Emmanuel y Maximiliano Biancucchi Cuccittini son hermanos y también los primos hermanos del astro argentino por parte de madre y con los que comparte el segundo apellido. And both are or have also been professional footballers.

Messi soccer cousins
Maxi and Emmanuel with their cousin Leo. PHOTO: Twitter

Maxi and Emmanuel Biancucchi, los primos futbolistas de Messi con una larga carrera en el fútbol sudamericano

Maxi Biancucchi (1984) He is the elder of Messi's two family footballers. Of small size with its 165 cm, more even than '10’ Argentinian, Maxi has played in a multitude of Paraguayan soccer teams, some like Olimpia and in Brazilian soccer in the ranks of Flamengo or Mexican soccer in Cruz Azul in a long career of 16 years.

Emmanuel Biancucchi (1988), has gone through teams like Munich 1860, Girona, Olympiad, Vasco de Gama, Melgar or Newell’s among many other teams. both brothers, originating from Rosario as leo, have had extensive experience with teams in Latin America.

Maxi destacó en el fútbol brasileño

The oldest of Messi's soccer cousins ​​went on to make a big name in Brazilian soccer. Despite San Benito being ‘the cousin of’, Maxi came to have a certain renown based on goals in 2013 where did he mark 11 goals with Esporte Clube Vitória. However, he did not make the leap to Europe that his brother did. Emmanuel that as we have said before, came to play in clubs like Munich 1860 or Girona.

Messi soccer cousins
Emmanuel Biancucchi with the Munich shirt 1860. PHOTO: blessed football

Two footballers with respectable careers but overshadowed by their cousin's elongated shadow, considered by many as eThe best footballer in history.

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