Greeting players who refused

Greeting players who refused

Some seasons in the major football competitions a formal greeting between all players established before matches. Normally during this time it does not happen any remarkable fact, but following the pique between Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi, denying the greeting striker Sampdoria blond fellow Inter Milan, in Colgados for football we have compiled other 5 piques among players who also refused greeting.

Dudu Aouate-Gustavo Munúa. 20-XII-09 / Malaga-Mallorca / The Rose Garden

It all started when both goalkeepers shared locker room at Deportivo, In the season 07/08 Lotina decided to grant ownership goalkeeper charrúa. Increases tone statements Aouate at a press conference, It was the spark that started the fire. During a workout in Abegondo Munúa he punched Aouate, causing two gaps below the left eye that required stitches. The squabble ended in court, resulting guilty Munúa with a penalty 6 months in jail. In subsequent clashes between them, and with the Uruguayan in the Levant, the goalkeeper has continued denying Hebrew greeting to his old companion.

Wayne Bridge-John Terry. 27-II-10 / Chelsea-Manchester City / Stamford Bridge

When both players shared locker room at Chelsea, They became great friends as couples players. Bridge to City passing the relationship between Bridge and Terry continued to be good, because Toni Poole, Terry wife, and Vanessa Perroncel, Bridge wife, They had become close friends. Earlier 2010 He jumped the scandal, Terry had an affair with the wife of his friend Bridge, This fact brought about the resignation of Bridge to play with the national team not to share clothing Terry. In the respective clashes between the two players, English left-back has continued to deny him saluting Terry.

Terry had with Bridge on issues skirts.

Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra. 11-II-12 / Manchester United-Liverpool / Old Trafford

On the eighth day of the same Premier League during the Classical United-Liverpool, After the meeting Evra told the media he had received racist abuse by Suarez. TV did not give the reason Evra but the FA decided to investigate the incident, even not having conclusive proof of the abuses sanctioned with Uruguayan 8 match ban. During the formal greeting of the party in question, Suarez denied greet Evra and France at the end of the meeting reprimanded him in the tunnel coming to have a discussion rather strong. Because of this discussion and bad forms of charrúa, United captain, Rio Ferdinand, he retired greeting Suarez in their next confrontation.

Suarez and Evra had pricked the.

Anton Ferdinand-John Terry. 15-IX-12 / QPR-Chelsea / Loftus Road

At the end of a meeting of last season between the two teams, Anton complained about racist insults to his person by Terry. And the following season in the first derby between the two London teams, FA decided to cancel the greeting between the two sets so that this situation does not give. In addition to the latter, FA, He did everything possible to delay the trial of Terry until after Euro 2012, This fact brought about the resignation of Capello and Terry claimed the English captaincy. Rio Ferdinand also, brother Anton, He retired from international football for not sharing with central pair Terry. Anton also denied Ashley Cole saluting, as the left-back said Terry never insulted the center of QPR.

Anton Terry
Terry a regular at the negations greetings.

Raul Baena-Messi. 22-IX-13 / Rayo Vallecano-Barcelona / Vallecas

This is not entirely clear, it is not known whether the malagueño denied greeting to rosarino or vice versa. Is speculated that was Baena who declined to say hello, based on his past at La Masia and complicated exit the parakeet club, with judgments by and a fine for Espanyol. Those who defend it was Messi who denied the greeting, They attribute it to hard play Malaga in their matches against the Catalans, in fact in the same game he ended ejected for a hard tackle on the Argentine star. Both players deny most, Baena says it was Messi who declined to say hello and Argentina does not represent anything but his fellow Catalans give the reason.

Messi and Baena had their pluses and minuses.

Maxi López-Mauro Icardi. 13-IV-14 / Sampdoria-Inter Milan / Luigi Ferraris

All this mess comes from a mess of skirts, Maxi was married to the model Wanda Nara Argentina had three children fruit of that relationship. But one day Wanda said enough, supposedly, not stand more front infidelity of Buenos, but after a few days break came to light that a relationship with Mauro Icardi. Maxi could not stand to Icardi who considered him his friend had a relationship with his ex-wife, also he believed that the relationship began before his break with the model. Social media stoked more resentment between the two players to finish happening what happened in this last game. We have recently its particular history.

Maxi denied salute Icardi.
Maxi denied salute Icardi.
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