Balon de Oro Messi 2023 and the other winners

Balon de Oro Messi 2023 y los demás ganadores
Leo Messi with his eighth Ballon d'Or. FOTO: France Football

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He Balon Gold Messi 2023 has revolutionized the world. And it was expected that the Argentine forward would win the prize, after all the achievements he has achieved. Además, He has been a protagonist in every club he has been a part of.. Their events have the best odds when betting, accessing with this codigo.

Although he was not nominated in the previous edition to obtain the award, The Messi Ballon d'Or could not have another owner on this occasion. And the magazine France Football, took several other great footballers into consideration. The same way, none was capable of competing with what the Argentine has given in the last season, and even the current.

Balon de Oro Messi: how many do you have now?

The Messi super Ballon d'Or 2023 has been giving a lot to talk about. And it is inevitable, Well, the eighth of these awards that he gets. This positions him as the footballer in history with the most Ballon d'Or awards..

This is how Messi's first Ballon d'Or came in the year 2009, when the striker had been playing professionally for five years. Posteriorly, His career has continued to be filled with the Messi Ballon d'Or and awards that today decorate his great talent.. He has received the Messi Ballon d'Or over the years: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 y 2023.

El Balon de Oro Messi remains three difference from those owned by Cristiano Ronaldo, which is the second most winner of the same.

Top-5 footballers with the most Ballon d'Or awards today

Although the Ballon d'Or Messi was won by the World Cup champion Qatar 2022, This is a very significant award for everyone.. And a series of requirements are assessed, both individually and collectively to award the prize to the winner. In this opportunity, The Messi Ballon d'Or perfectly met all the attributes.

That is how, France Football magazine, has stated that there are three fundamental criteria in this contest. This is how Messi super Balon of gold 2023 it came true. In order of relevance, They would be the individual and collective titles during the year. Then, talent and fair play are taken into consideration’ of the player. By last, The career that the footballer has is valued, You must have relevant experience.

This is how some of the winners have managed to repeat the victory of this award. The Messi super Ballon d'Or being the first on the list. Los 5 footballers who have won the Ballon d'Or the most times, son:

  • Lionel Messi - 8.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - 5.
  • Michel Platini – 3.
  • Johan Cruyff – 3.
  • Franz Beckenbauer - 2.

Cristiano Ronaldo was not called up for this edition, where Messi stayed as the Ballon d'Or, but without any doubt, could be present in the next. Esto, as long as he manages to stand out in a way superior to what he did last season. Además, Being far from Europe could complicate things for the Portuguese who now plays for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

In Messi's case it was the other way around.. Well, he was not called in the last edition, and now that he achieved all his goals, It was inevitable not to be present. This is how he should have the Messi super Ballon d'Or 2023.

A su vez, other stars were close to getting their first prize. It would be the case of Mbappé, De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Vinicius, and multiple others who have not yet achieved it.

Most women's Ballon d'Or wins

Until the year 2010, This version of the Ballon d'Or had not yet been included in the annual tradition. Since then, It has been very successful and several very talented footballers have been nominated.. This year the Spanish Aitana Bonmatí won, who plays for Barcelona.

En the latest editions, the winners have been:

  • Ada Hegerberg (2018).
  • Megan Rapinoe (2019).
  • Alexia Putellas (2021 y 2022).

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