Five players far removed from the current stereotype

Cinco futbolistas muy alejados del estereotipo actual
Kiraly was a footballer with a particular physiognomy. FOTO:

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At some moment, without really knowing why, perhaps because the passing of time, He changed the stereotype player. Gone are those guys with mustaches, longhaired, slovenly, something overweight or bald men with thick hair at the temples that appeared to be much older than those who were. De repente, the players became brawny types, tattooed, the latest fashion hairstyle changing every week and 15 pairs of boots different colors for each match. Guaperas dresses footballers. Sin embargo, there is always some redoubt and Colgados, I remember five players far removed from the current stereotype.

1-Kiraly Gabor

The Hungarian rose to fame in Euro 2016 for its unique physical appearance and for being the oldest type of tournament. He played with the Euro 40 years and was surprised with its links to the public but also with its very unusual appearance. Calvo, very overweight, with appearance of having more than 40 years and plush tracksuit she is known that your mother bought you when you were little. Euro France 2016 She made him famous but already had behind him a career of more than 20 años.

2-Jose Morales

Commander as you know the fans of Levante is a very good player and over his way of doing things is far from the current footballer. He continued in the Levant in second despite having offers First and international teams twice his salary. His response was that he was indebted to the team that had taken him from third to 25 years to do professional. His image also far, as you said Lucas Alcaraz, his coach at Levante 2015: “If you take out more weird hairstyles or guapete, he had been named player revelation”. nor does he need.

3-Andrés Iniesta

The Fuentealbilla leads a life surrounded by stars but perhaps one of the greatest is he. His goal to Holland in the World 2010, It meant the most successful in the history of Spanish football. However outside of football, his image has nothing to do with many of the teammates around you. Calvo, graying at the temples despite his age without a huge physical, technical quality spare him to be one of the best in the history of Spain and one of the most beloved players.

4-Diego Godin

Atletico Uruguay is a typical South American defense. Stand, battle-hardened and strong, Charrua is one of the best defenders in the world. But his image is far from the current stereotype. Does not look outstanding, thousands of tattoos, or a physical athlete or strange hairstyles, more than anything because he does not really left over hair. They are “look” It has little to do with many of colleagues which does not rule out the best.

5-Juanfran Torres

The Spanish international Atletico Madrid is also a player with an aspect very in line with the current stereotype. Ungainly, with scruffy and covering entries with thinning hair that remains, the opposite of the current media player. However on the field, it remains one of the best in his position.

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