Do you know Rudi Garcia?

Do you know Rudi Garcia?

He is the fashionable man. Under his baton, AS Roma has risen to the leadership of Serie A by sweeping. Nine matches, nine wins, 23 goals in favor and only one against as Alberto Marrodán points out in reference to the spectacular Roman team league start. The best records ever. Equaling Capello's Juventus, improving that famous AC Milan of Sacchi and just one match (against Chievo) to go down in the history of Calcium. It's about Rudi García, 49 years, a man from France, but who has come to Italy to give people talk and a lot.

Born in Nemours, Seine et Marne, this French of Almeria grandparents (hence its name) is turning out to be a pleasant surprise. Because besides winning, amuses. True to its philosophy 4–3-3 your team press up, and try to play soccer. Like the Barcelona of Pep Guardiola and Frank Rijkaard, your mirror where you can look at yourself every day. In fact, his system is inspired by that of the Catalan club and his taste for offensive play and the way of pressing too.

At times he remembers Víctor Muñoz ...
At times he remembers Víctor Muñoz…

Student in his day of Rafa Benítez (to whom he went to visit Valencia and curiously his great rival today), admires the proposal of Spanish football for the happy game and transmits it to his players. Speculation football is over. He does not shy away from playing against, nor the direct style (so necessary sometimes in a football like the Italian) but nobody is bitter with a sweet, and Rudi, devotion to the attack.

He has recovered the best Totti (that already hints to love the selection) and the best Gervinho and begins to be a key piece in the communion between fans and squad. Fans who want to win a Scudetto again after so much time and suffering. They don't have the Juve team, neither from Naples nor possibly win Serie A, but the warning is given. times remember Van Basten.
…at times remember Van Basten.

They are firm outside and brilliant at home and that power can be transmitted in exhibitions such as the one at San Siro.. It is not the first time that Rudi is in this position. Already in modest Lille, the “Sergeant” (as he is nicknamed for his firm character) was able to win the Ligue 1-Cup double in the past 2011, still under his command the great Hazard. There, a coach who started in the historic Saint-Étienne as an assistant was consecrated and went through Dijon or Le Mans before making the leap to Lille.

Was a player, modest of those who did not attract attention. Little (six seasons), Caen (three) they saw him score five goals in 134 matches. It was mean offensive, of which I preferred to pass to throw, create to mark. A fine stylist (perhaps inheritance from his father José who also played in the Sedan) who takes his game idea to a Rome that yearns to elevate him to the altars. He will do it if he manages to win the Scudetto, the fourth that would be in the history of the Roman club, and the first since 2001. Difficult task, maybe for chosen men like Rudi, Rudi Garcia. Don't forget about him. Surely one day we will see him in the Spanish league.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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