Voro, Mr. Wolf Valencia

Voro, Mr. Wolf Valencia
As I read a banner at the Mestalla: "Thanks Voro you are our Lord Wolf" referring to the mythical role of Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. PHOTO: AS
La Liga Española

What of Voro train Valencia is already a classic. Once again the former international player, once a team delegate and now involved in the institutional sphere, he will have to use his coach card to catch for the seventh time in the last 13 years to the team of his loves and end up leading him on the bench. The cessation of Grace, the nth in a club that shred trainers in the 21st century, has caused the return of Mr Wolf particular of Valencia to the benches. If there is a problem in the club, there is Voro in order to solve it.

Voro, the man who always ends up training Valencia

The former Valencian player who played for Valencia but also for Deportivo and Logroñés, He began a coaching career successfully in the branch of neighbor, UD Levante that reached 2ªB early twenty-first century. But nevertheless, soon he changed their way into the dugout as a delegate for another team where he trained and played much of his career, Valencia CF. However despite his refusal to make a coaching career, Voro has been forced to go to the rescue of his Valencia until 7 times since 2008. It is said soon.

The first was in that chaotic season of 2007-08 with several coaches and a more than ruinous stage in charge of Ronald Koeman that despite winning the Copa del Rey that year, Valencia nearly put the Second Division. The arrival of Voro In the last days, it caused a change of scenery and Valencia managed to get the necessary points to avoid difficulties. In 2012 He took over the team to make a bridge between Pellegrino and Valverde directing two games.

were a 2008 with Cañizares when he had to take the team to save it from relegation.
were a 2008 with Cañizares when he had to take the team to save it from relegation. PHOTO: AS

Mr. Wolf of Valencia

In the 2015/16 He was commissioned to replace Nuno and take over the team before the arrival of another coach terrible memory for Mestalla, Gary Neville English, in another season 4 coaches and tinged with chaos. Something very common in Valencia in recent years.

The arrival of Marcelino and Mateu Alemany seemed to have finally brought order to Mestalla and ended this dance of coaches and players who could only lead the Valencian club to ruin. However, despite building a champion team with a splendid future, the umpteenth whim of Peter Lim ended the cessation of the Asturian, Alemany's departure, the arrival of Celades, the last chaos and the return of Voro to the bench.

The arrival of Javi Gracia in summer 2020 In the middle of the coronavirus crisis, he did not fix anything in Mestalla either. The cessation of the coach on the day 34 and with the team 6 of the descent with 12 points at stake, propitiated Voro's seventh arrival to the Valencian bench.

And is that the Valencian is the authentic Mr. Wolf of the Valencian club. As in the great role that Harvey Keitel played in Pulp Fiction, Voro is the man to turn to when there is a problem because he, always solves it.

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