That season Valencia with Ronald Koeman

That season Valencia with Ronald Koeman
Aquel Valencia de Koeman que estuvo a punto de bajar a Segunda. PHOTO: Dephosito Fotos

Algunas temporadas de “sobresaltos” para el Valencia CF a más de uno (and two) han hecho acordarse a más de uno de aquella temporada tan extraña en la que el conjunto che estuvo acariciando el descenso y a la vez ganó la Copa del Rey. Those months between 2007 y 2008 led the signing of Ronald Koeman until a 5-1 at San Mames got the final farewell to Dutch.

Unos cuantos años más tarde, in 2016, Athletic Bilbao could again be the executioner of Valencia coach. The Europa League knockout in the second round presents quite uphill for Valencia that keeps going in zigzag in the league, he said goodbye to the Copa buried in blaugranas goals, and it has a garter belt antecedent to the lions recent enough and strong (0-3) as not augur well for Gary Neville. That result 5-1 multiplies gambling 34.00 but it is a fee, seen the seen, Nor is resulting Stratospheric. It is a difficult tie for Valencia but also a double chance to save the clothes this season because, without the Europa League, What will remain? If a Copa del Rey title could not save Koeman, What will save Neville?

It is clear that the season 2007/08 and the temporada 2015/16 Valencia are not exactly the same but there is a sense of already seen. Actually the long shadow of Koeman does not reappear by the ghost of San Mames but because we are seeing certain actors and scenes this year that make it look like we put the same movie. Let us remember.

Aquel Valencia de Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman joined Valencia in October 2007 to replace Torres Ruiz, at the same time, was the substitute Quique Sanchez Flores. The former Valencia had started well, leading the team to seventh place last season to a decent third place in League knew a little because the team was second for much of the season 2005/06. Remember running times Juan Soler ... [dramatic pause]. In the summer of 2006 The stadium project was presented and signings were like Joaquín, the highest in club history at that time. Sanchez Flores resists another season, a 4th place in the league and quarter-finals Champions, but they start the trouble with Carboni (sports director) and a new season with many signings but poor results.

And then came Koeman as a component of renewal in the club. The Dutchman opted for young hopefuls as Éver Banega or Juan Mata (Quique who did not) but it was not very fine when dealing with the old guard team. As it has happened with his own career, part time has proved him right: bets were good, but no valencianista will forget the tears of David Albelda news conference or Angulo heartfelt letter before that dismissal was so humiliating that was not even a layoff (He was not contractually free club until long after).

When former FC Barcelona Valencia CF reached, They had played 10 league matches with six wins and two defeats valencianistas, consecutive and painful past two: 3-0 against Sevilla and mannitol at home against Real Madrid. Koeman takes air with two wins and starts to add games without a win: nine in total with three draws and six defeats (Neville added ten games, six draws and four defeats, although Valencia had already been two weeks without winning). another breath, and the "grand finale": he 5-1 at San Mames was the sixth defeat in ten games. To all this Valencia CF won the final of Copa del Rey 16 April 2007 tras vencer 3-1 to Getafe, and along the way he eliminated Atletico Madrid in the quarterfinals and semifinals Barcelona.

Koeman with the Copa del Rey.
Koeman with the Copa del Rey.

Koeman campeón de Copa del Rey con el Valencia

We all know the happy ending: a few days of winning the Cup, San Mames arrives and dismisses Koeman; Were toma las riendas y el Valencia, despite the 6-0 Barca against, He manages to win four of the five league games remaining and save.

We forward in time and meet again to Valencia with more movement off the field than in it. One such Nuno Espirito Santo comes from the hand of another as Peter Lim and in principle the move goes wrong. Valencia excited with a very young team that finishes in fourth place in a very competitive league and qualifying for the Champions League. Occasional millionaire like Negredo signing, that is not working, and the numbers fail again.

Gary Neville, the worst coach in the history of Valencia

Nuno passes from angel to devil and reinforcements are needed. Against all odds and, curiously, with the intermediation Angulo, Gary Neville arrives after a start of the season with four draws, five wins, four losses and, as they say: good "ballot".

Valencia has left League and, although as in 2008 it has come to see the beard to the relegation zone, by the time he left the Europa League. Quién sabe, just it needed again have another annus horribilis to win a title. Because we continue remembering: Valencia CF has not won a title since that season he had with Ronald Koeman.

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