“I know 7 gay players playing in the Premier”

“I know 7 gay players playing in the Premier”

A long time ago, I have here in Colgados the story of Justin Fashanu, the first player who openly declared himself to be gay and whose story really ended so tragically. Now is your niece, Amal Fashanu who jumps into the fray. young, daughter of the former player, John Fashanu who came to publicly disavow his brother, He has declared that meets at least 7 gay players playing in the Premier.

The truth is that the case of his uncle called public attention more than two decades and even his career, I was resentful. As the Amal itself says, still almost 30 years after the football world is still very dark on this issue while stating that the secret of these 7 players are safe with her. "I will not say their names, even in the case that serve to help " He sentenced in his statements.

Fashanu's niece is very clear: "I do not reveal for fear of public reaction". He says he understands that no player wants to openly admit their condition homsexual, as "It would overwhelm the media coverage, and their kith and kin ". To make matters worse, the traumatic situation that his uncle lived and ended in tragedy do you know what he's talking.

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