Teams that won five titles in the league followed

Teams that won five titles in the league followed

Winning a league title in professional football, is the country that is, usually it's complicated. Winning five consecutive seasons is a milestone within reach of very few teams. Which for example has recently achieved Juventus with a dose of epic if possible. And it is that Turin went for half board down after completing a first part rather disappointing tournament. Since 2012 They dominate the Serie A but is not the first time you get. So they did between the season 1930/31 and the 1934/35.

Other team managed the feat was Real Madrid. He did so in two different periods with Juve, between 1960/61 and the 1964/65 and the famous and celebrate Quinta del Vulture. That team managed to win the league between seasons 1985/86 Y 1989/90. Other teams that were achieved in Oporto 90 and that legendary Torino the years 40. Inter also won it in the middle of the first decade of the century but with an undertone, Juve and was deprived of a title when they were demoted to Serie B in court.

But the absolute record is held by Olympique Lyon. While Real Madrid and Juventus have managed to perform the feat twice, Lyon got even harder to win 7 titles in a row between the season 2001/02 and the 2007/08. Data that we can see in the infographic

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