Five players whose career was cut short by injury

Five players whose career was cut short by injury

The lesions, They are arguably one of the most dreaded things for a professional footballer. Desgraciadamente, This is a common case in the world of football in Colgados for football, we want to remind five cases of five players whose career ended prematurely by injury.

1-Alvaro Benito

As we tell here, the singer known Pignoise, He was an elite player whose projection was in the top at the time of injury. Emerged from the quarry of Real Madrid, In the same batch Guti, Raul and Victor Sanchez, It was a wide player, and talented lefty.

He made his debut against Sevilla at the Bernabeu with a goal and in the following season, He had won the confidence of Capello. Esto, It took the Spanish U-21 which was seriously injured. He failed to recover fully after several years left football. Fortunately for him, music gave him a second chance and managed to triumph on stage as he would have on the lawn.

2-Vicente Rodriguez

Vicente shot to fame when he was a youth of Levante after Pedro Villarroel, President granotas of the time, decided to put a clause 30.000 million old pesetas. Finally he left for much less made the city rivals, el Valencia, Allí, had his best years in both the Valencia club and the Spanish national team until an ankle injury left touched. So during his next season was a shadow of what it was and would never be the one that was. Se retiró en 2013 in the second English.

Vincent finished his career in England.
Vincent finished his career in England.

3-Sebastian Deisler

Deisler was one of the best German players of his time. Nacido en 1980, He played at Bayern Munich and the German national team until a series of injuries ended his playing career and almost his health. After a series of serious injuries, He fell into a depression for which he had to receive treatment. He retired to 27 years.

4-Javier Clemente

Oddly enough player Javier Clemente was professional and technical. Lefty refined interior with master class was a long pass and hanging balls to the area. Good dribbling and overflow its vision of football as a player was antagonistic to technical. Athletic Bilbao great promise, his career was cut short to 19 years because of an injury that made him go through surgery five times. It was international sub 21 and sub 23 and he got to dispute 47 First games, but in 1975 I had to hang up his boots crunching tackle not exceed that of Marañon in the match against Sabadell season 79-80.

5-Cesar Jimenez

Few people remember this player whose career was cut short after an awful tackle one of the Galacticos of Real Madrid, the Portuguese Luis Figo. One evening at the Bernabeu while going for a match with Zaragoza, He received an entry that would change his life forever. The action did not end even with board, if he ended the career of a boy who dreamed of going far in football.

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