Bojan and Munir, ¿Parallel paths?

Bojan y Munir, ¿caminos paralelos?

Last update 6 April, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

El Bosque has raised a tremendous cloud of smoke with its latest decision. Diego Costa injured, the Spanish coach, He has decided to summon the young pearl Barcelona, Munir El Haddadi. The player almost youthful age and with only two matches in Primera Division, will attend to the call of the national team of Spain for the match which will be played at the stadium of the Levante, Ciutat de Valencia. This action of De Forest, He has created a bitter controversy especially in social networks and the press. Pero…What is the real objective of this citation?.

Go ahead it's not the first nor probably the last while in office Vicente De Forest, Quoting players Real Madrid and Barcelona with little if not any experience in the elite while forget the other top players with more training, travel and merits but are not lucky enough to play in the big Spanish football, the only ones who seem browse Don Vicente. In the report calls for Montoya of Barcelona, without debut in First, Nacho Fernandez with just a few games in first in several years in the white club, Bartra or the case of Bojan Krkic.

Las últimas decisiones de Del Bosque están creando polémicas.
The latest decisions of Del Bosque are creating controversy.

Last this just want to talk because his case, at first it resembles much to the new pearl of the Barcelona. He 10 septiembre de 2008, Bojan was a young player who had just turned 18 years and he was one of the rising stars of Spanish football. Born in Lleida, Serbian father and Spanish mother, I was the kid fashion. With the fly behind the ear of the Balkan team went after her steps, was summoned precisely because De Forest, to play with the national team of Spain hardly have played in the elite. It was more a sketch of crack an elite player.

But despite the player, had reiterated by active and passive that he wanted to play with Spain, was summoned in haste to prevent Serbia managed to convince the player. finally this 10 de septiembre de 2008, He played a few minutes with absolute Spanish Albacete to Armenia, thus avoiding to play in another selection. Since then, his career has gone downhill, no brakes. It did not work or the Barcelona, nor in Rome, not even in Milan, or Ajax and seeks his umpteenth chance at Stoke City English. From that day 2008 He has not returned to wear the national team jersey.

Bojan el día de su debut en 2008.
Bojan the day of his debut 2008.

He 8 de septiembre de 2014, casi 8 years after the debut of Bojan, Macedonia faces Spain in Valencia and Munir, de 18 Bojan years, You could debut with the national team with only two matches in Primera. What most have in common Bojan and Munir?, the latter has Moroccan descent and is rumored to the African country walk in his footsteps for Africa Cup organized themselves in 2015.

Will he return from the forest to debut a player can play to prevent a future with Morocco if not curdled with Spain?, Is it ethical to push a kid 18 years to take a decision thus closing many doors?. What is clear is that if the decision is only sport, the thing will bring a lot crumb especially for those players who have spent years performing and have never received a call from coach. Either way, the controversy is served.

Munir está de moda pero no ha hecho méritos deportivos para ir a la selección absoluta.
Munir is fashionable but has not done enough sport to go to the national team.

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