Sebastian Deisler, another crack that stayed on the road

Sebastian Deisler, another crack that stayed on the road
Sebastian Deisler, another of those great promises that fell by the wayside. Photo: Ten

Do you know the name of Sebastian Deisler? In the world of football, There are many cases of great talents for one thing or another, They stood in mere promises. As we told you in our Articles “Players who went to stars and ended estrellados”, Sometimes high expectations just before time with the promising career of kids that before they were ready, Fame comes to them. In case of Sebastian Deisler it could be one of them though much of its failure were injuries.

Sebastian Deisler came to prominence in the early twenty-first century

At the beginning of the XXI century, a young German born on 5 of January of 1980 He knocked on doors of European football hard. “Suffice Fantasti” as they called Deisler, It was one of the most promising players in the pre-World Cup 2002. But nevertheless, an ominous injury would prevent him, something that unfortunately, It was going to become a standard pattern of his career. They said it was the most complete player of the era German over people like Michael Ballack.

Deisler to Ryan Giggs on a Germany-Wales.
Sebastian Deisler to Ryan Giggs on a Germany-Wales. Photo: As

But nevertheless, Despite this setback, the Bayern de Munich he joined their ranks as the great hope. He not reached the doldrums, injuries followed him and attacked mercilessly He got to play only 92 parties in 6 years. And if that was not enough, This situation caused a series of depressions and psychological disorders for which he ended up boarding and the World held in his country also lost 2006.

All this accumulation of negative circumstances caused in 2007 with only 27 years, decided to put end his career as a professional footballer leaving the eternal question of how far he might have gotten a player who marveled at 18-19 years to injuries, They ended by removing. Unfortunately it was not the only one whose career ended by these problems. But that, what you have in our article “Five players whose career cut short by injury ended”.

Sebastian Deisler
Injuries ended the race Sebastian Deisler. Photo: Protege Sports
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