The best players in the history of the United States

The best players in the history of the United States
Landon 'Captain America' Donovan is the best player in the history of the United States. PHOTO:Twitter @landondonovan

Who are they best players in american history? Football is a phenomenon that was born in England, but which has ended up colonizing practically all parts of the world. In fact, there are countries in which this sport has not been, much less, the center of attention, although little by little it has begun to gain a leading role. A clear example of this is USA, who also has very good players in his history.

It's more, despite the fact that football has not had an important weight to date, the American country can boast of certain footballers who have made a huge impression. Then, we make a list.

The best players in the history of the United States

Landon Donovan

Surely all the great fans of this game will come up with a name when talking about football and U.S, and that is none other than Landon Donovan.

The talented midfielder left his mark on Europe, where he defended the colors of teams like Bayern Leverkusen, Bayern Munich Y Everton. Precisely, it was in the English team where he shone the most.

further, has also risen to the top with his country to the point of being the top scorer in United States history (57 goals) and the one who has celebrated the most goals in the MLS (145).

Claudio Reyna

Another of the prestigious figures of American soccer is another midfielder: Claudio Reyna.

He was one of the pioneers to reach and consolidate in European football. He has worn t-shirts like those of the Bayern Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Sunderland, Manchester City Y Rangers.

It should be noted that he also enjoyed a leading role with U.S in the World Cups of France 1998, Korea and Japan 2002 Y Germany 2006.

Clint Dempsey

Dempsey share, beside Donovan, the privilege of being the one who has scored the most times with the US team. On the other hand, and this can only be said by him, he is the only one who has scored with USA in three world in a row (2006, 2010 Y 2014).

At Fulham they keep a great love for him, since he became one of his best players in recent times at the club.

To this list we could also add many other footballers such as Jozy Altidore O Michael Bradley.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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