Five players whose career has gone in recent years

Professional footballer's life is usually short yet, what is not normal, It is that the career of great football stars run out suddenly and overnight, move from being big stars of the sport to authentic forgotten. At least not as fast. We remind five players whose career has gone in recent years, either by age, injury or just bad decisions.

1-Victor Valdes

The Catalan goalkeeper appears to board the three variants. Age, a serious injury and a bad decision, They made his career as a bouncer at least top, It will end in 2014. His decision not to renew with Barcelona, his serious injury and consequent decision not to sign Monaco and a hideous sucking stage with Van Gaal at Manchester United bench, They seem to have ended his stage high-flying goalkeeper. He will continue his career in the Belgian League 33 years.

2-Iker Casillas

Theirs is coming from afar. Con 34 years seems far away to compete at the top level. Repudiated at home, the real Madrid, at Porto does not seem to go better thing. Large sung and large failures for the former best goalkeeper in the world in which it seems that right now, just trust Vicente del Bosque. It almost seems an aberration that is the holder of Spain at a time when it seems that there are better choices.

3-Radamel Falcao

Not long ago Tiger Falcao was one of the most sought after strikers in the world. After passing through River, Porto and Atletico, his career seemed flying high and that no one could stop the Colombian. But it was out of Atletico Madrid and has since ended its star. He signed for Monaco, He was seriously injured, He could not go to the World 2014, He passed by Manchester United inglorious and the same at Chelsea. His star has gone in a few years.

4-Alvaro Negredo

The Vallecano broke in Almeria and Sevilla signed. With hispalense shirt was tired of scoring goals which earned him a move to Manchester City millionaire. English team in his career began to plummet to the point of not having the English club. Then he came the Valencia first took him on loan and then paid 30 million euros for him even though his first season was horrible. That was an understatement, If the first was bad the second time, regrettable.

5-Fernando Torres

If the child also comes from afar. He triumphed in his first spell at Atletico and Liverpool. After Chelsea paid a fortune for it and it's over. Nor in the English club, or Milan and Atletico in the second stage where no account and Simeone, the child takes several years in the doldrums and seems far from being able to be back one day was.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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