The best players in the history of Athletic Bilbao

The best players in the history of Athletic Bilbao
Telmo Zarra is the best player in the history of Athletic Bilbao. PHOTO: ABC

Who are the best players in the history of Athletic Bilbao?? The club of San Mames it is one of the biggest clubs in Spain. In the top 5 of the best teams in the league historically speaking, It is next to Real Madrid and Barcelona, one of the three teams that played every season since its inception, in the top flight of Spanish football. He has never set foot in their Second Division 115 years of history.

their windows, they are also full of titles obtained above all, in the first decades of existence of soccer in Spain, where the Athletic Club, It was the greatest team of all the territory. With 8 Suspenders, 23 Cups and 1 Spain Supercup, its existence has another feature, its players always have something to do with the Basque land.

The best players in the history of Athletic Bilbao

1-Telmo Zarra

The scorer par excellence. It was one of the best strikers of his time and the Spanish star. Gypsy descent as we tell in our article “Gypsies in football”, was known as “the best head in Europe after Churchill“. He was a front dream with another legendary Piru Gainza as, Venancio Panizo and. It marked one of the most important goals in the history of Spanish football. With 251 goals in the League was the top scorer in the history of the League until he was surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. An icon of the times when the cry of ‘Athleeeeti’ it began to sound loudly.


His time was different but clearly was one of the most important pieces in the history of Athletic Bilbao, while a bust of him presiding over the old San Mames and continues in the new. Tradition dictates that the visiting team for the first time in its history, has to make an offering to the bust of Pichichi, and still respects rajatabla. His figure gives name to the Trophy top scorer in the Spanish League.

3-Dani Ruiz

It captained the best Athletic history, which won the league in 1982/83 and in the 1983/84, Cup 84 and Supercopa of Spain's 85. Juice 302 parties in the ranks of Athletic from 1974 a 1986. It is known as the Great Captain in the history of Basque club.

The best players in the history of Athletic Bilbao
Dani Ruiz, the great captain Athletic. PHOTO: Brand

4-Piru Gainza

It's with 7 the Athletic Bilbao player with more Cups in history. He played for twenty years in the ranks of Athletic and formed with a front dream Zarra both the Bilbao club and the Spanish national team. They gestated together one of the most important goals of the Spanish football, Zarra the England in the World Cup Brazil 1950. It was also known as the Gamo Dublin.

5-José Ángel Iribar

The Poplar is a myth for the Bilbao box, thanks among other things, their 18 seasons at Atletico and 614 distributed in official matches 446 League matches, 93 the Generalissimo Cup (who won twice) Y 49 the selection. A selection which get win Euro 1964 (of goalkeeper) and you come to play World 1966 and Euro 1968. The best goalkeeper in the club's history.

6-Julen Guerrero

Lion par excellence, the feeling of 90. His mere presence, It excited thousands of fans throughout Spain, especially the female adolescents who lined the folders with which they went to the institute with their photos. Out of that, their quality is beyond doubt.

With less than twenty years and was a star in the Athletic and internationally to the extent that half of Europe was following. Julen Guerrero He decided to stay in Bilbao, which gave him a life contract and it was in San Mamés where he retired, although not with all the honors he should have.. His last years at the club were not good. Nevertheless, It's one of the best players in the history of Athletic.

The best players in the history of Athletic
Joseba Etxebarria and Julen Guerrero, Athletic history. PHOTO: Brand

7-Joseba Etxebarria

Despite being one of the players who played more games in club history, It was not a product of Lezama. With 17 years, He debuted in the first division in the ranks of the Royal Society. In a swift operation in summer 1995, Athletic was sharp and signed him to their cause. It was from 1995 a 2010 in the ranks of Lions and their involvement it was such that even played his last season for free. One of the icons of recent decades.

8-Red Txexu

Red Txexu played 17 León years in which he played among others, 413 League matches. He debuted in 1965 and he retired in 1982. He played his entire active career in the Athletic where he was also later as coach. He was international with Spain. One of the best players in the history of Athletic.

Red Txexu played 17 years Athletic.
Red Txexu played 17 years Athletic. PHOTO: Brand

9-Ismael Urzaiz

The Urzaiz tank is one of the best strikers remembered in San Mames. Impeccable overlooked, curiously it was formed in the quarry of Real Madrid and went through teams like Albacete, Salamanca or Espanyol although it was Athletic which reached its peak. It was 11 San Mames years where he scored 116 goals in 385 matches. It was a classic choice between the late twentieth century and early twenty-first.

10-Aritz Aduriz

One of the best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao. A legendary scorer for Athletic. Undoubtedly one of the best that has passed through the San Mamés club.

Other of the best footballers who have worn the Athletic shirt

Fernando llorente

The Lion King, one of the best strikers in recent years and an idol in San Mames until his last season in the club. Llorente was for several seasons the referent of the Basque club but his departure 2013 Free toward the Juventus did not like anything the parish who came to the Cathedral. He spent almost his last year on the bench and the team also suffered. Nevertheless, a reference to the club.

Raúl García

Race, fury, character, quality and goal, a lot of goal for the one from Pamplona. Raúl García is one of the most important Athletic players in the second decade of the 21st century.

Iker Muniain

The child prodigy of the Basque quarry. One of the best in Athletic so far in the 21st century.

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