Julen Guerrero, Pearl San Mames

Julen Guerrero, Pearl San Mames
Julen Guerrero, the pearl of San Mamés and idol of the adolescents of the 90. PHOTO: Brand

Few players can be considered as loyal to a team as Julen Guerrero to his Athletic de Bilbao. This vizcaino born in Portugalete 1974 It is considered the red and white banner year 90. And it is that his career was somewhat premature, it already 18 years had managed to make debut in First Division, specifically in Athletic – Cádiz of 6 September 1992.

Julen Guerrero, the sensation of the Spanish football of the early 90

The early years of this proved very promising playmaker, because now in its second year, It would be able to score a total of 18 goals in 36 parties with Ahtletic. Arrival from second line, and his great vision, even earned him to be summoned to contest the World US 94. They were magical times for the good of Julen who kept collecting personal successes.

The selection was considered a talisman, because Spain never lost with him on the pitch ( was 39 unbeaten matches with the national team), and his team had been renewed almost life ending speculation be signed by Madrid, Barcelona or Milan. It was even rumored, that the Italian club had offered to pay the termination clause and a blank check to sign.

Julen Guerrero with the shirt of Spain in 1994
Julen Guerrero was undefeated 39 matches with Spain.

By, it off, his good looks made him a sexual icon, as all teenagers seeking autographs from this blond, who triumphed wherever he went. Few footballers lined folders like him in this practice so common among teenagers in the years 90. Calls for Euro Cup 96 y world 98, and a runner-up with Athletic in the season 97-98 did increase the legend of this player.

The famous play in which Simeone made a hole in his thigh

However, the passing of the years were to mark the beginning of the decline of Julen Guerrero. Slowly, was being postponed towards the substitution by Luis Fernández, coach of the moment, and an injury caused by a spectacular pisotón Simeone would relegate him to the background, despite the insistence of San Mamés by jumping over the field.

So Julen left knee after pisotón Simeone.
So Julen left knee after pisotón Simeone. PHOTO: Brand

Finally, en 2006, Julen Guerrero would put an end to his footballing career with 14 seasons and 372 games behind in which scored 101 goals leaving behind a legend as a footballer.

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