The Bundesliga leads the way to other major leagues

La Bundesliga marca el camino a otras grandes ligas
The Bundesliga is back. Without public, but he came back. PHOTO: RTVE

Last update 18 May, 2020 by Alberto Llopis

Fortunately, Coronavirus nightmare seems to be on the decline in Europe. Case numbers are dropping fast in places like Italy and Spain, widely punished in this crisis and a thread of hope hangs in Europe where countries like France, Britain and Germany have also been affected, but where the pandemic has tiptoed through many other countries on the continent.

The Bundesliga, leads the way to Serie A and Premier

A) Yes, with the beginning of that "new normal" that we are told so much about now, in Germany they have taken a step forward with the return of the Bundesliga last 16 of May. Empty stadiums, players with masks and separated 2 meters on the bench (although later in the field they collide, get caught in a corner or get together in a barrier) mark the return of football in Europe. The teams are not in their best shape, but it is the first step for the return of the sport that reigns in the world.

Borussia players with face mask and 2 metros. The “New normal”PHOTO: RTVE

With the return of the ball to German football, the next focus is on Italy and Spain, the two countries as we said at the beginning, most affected in Europe by this epidemic. Both have reduced the cases to very low numbers in recent weeks and the return to football is already looming on the horizon, even if it is behind closed doors. In Italy they already drive half of June for the return, in Spain they are already working with their sights set on that date.

LaLiga teams already train relatively normally

The Spanish teams returned with individual training in the so-called phase 0 a couple of weeks ago, and with the passage to the phase 1, teams that are in the territories that have reached that level such as Levante and Valencia in the Valencian capital or Seville and Betis in the Andalusian capital among others, are already training as a group for the return to competition.

El Levante vuelve a los entrenamientos en grupo
Levante returns to group training. PHOTO: Levante OUT

The teams from Barcelona and Madrid, despite their towns still in phase 0, They are also already training in a group with a special permission not to unbalance the competition..

Thus, it seems feasible to see the ball roll around the Spanish soccer fields soon to finish a tournament that remains 11 days and that it will be played against the clock in a way never seen. And it is that in July the tournament must have ended to make way for the new season. Here we can see how they will start predictions to win the League tournament after being absent for 2 months, 3 if we consider the beginning of the end of the competition.

Barcelona and Real Madrid will play the League. The decline and Europe at odds

The stoppage due to the coronavirus came with Barça as leader after taking away the lead from Real Madrid a week before the stoppage, who lost two vital matches against Levante and Real Betis, which brought the Catalans to first place when football stopped on that date that seems far from 8 of March. The descent is also warm with Mallorca, Leganés and Espanyol in this order, occupying right now the descent to Second Division. We will see in which state all the teams arrive at a heart attack section with matches every 2-3 days.

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