Football and the new normal

Football and the new normal
Griezmann and De Jong, Barça footballers, pose with the club's official mask (Sport)

The new normal. That concept that generates endless doubts for both citizens and football fans who do not know when they can return to the stadiums to enjoy their favorite sport.

The return of the main European Leagues after the crisis caused by the coronavirus It has made us see things that we would never have imagined and to which, Unfortunately, we must get used, at least, for a while. The five team substitutions, pauses for hydration, the substitutes in the stands keeping the safety distance with their teammates and rivals, etc.

But nevertheless, what is hardest to get used to is to see the empty stadiums, no audience in the stands. Television tries to fight something so strange by adding ‘virtual audience’ with computer in the seats and recorded ambient sound. A new normal we hope won't last too long.

The decision of some countries to terminate their respective leagues created controversy. The League 1 French, the Eredivisie Dutch made this decision he had, How could it be otherwise, his detractors. But nevertheless, England, Italy, Spain… they decided that it had to be finished as it were and that everything was decided on the pitch.

footballers with face mask
The footballers of the Porto Alegre Guild jump onto the pitch with a mask in protest. Brazil has been one of the most punished countries and yet its competition has resumed (Brand)

The new normal… Even when?

The big question is how long will this new normality last in the world of football?. While talking about not allowing public access to stadiums again until next year 2021, protocols are also beginning to be carried out so that fans can gradually populate the stands even in the coming weeks.

What is clear is that there is a before and after. The pandemic that has plagued the entire world must serve to value much more what really matters and realize that, as much as we like it, football is the most important of the least important things.

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