Calendars that handle the big leagues to finish the season

Los calendarios que manejan las grandes ligas para acabar la temporada
Major League still stops by the coronavirus. In the image, Morales vs. Levante UD Ferran Torres and Jaume Costa of Valencia in the Valencian derby played at the Ciutat de Valencia. PHOTO: Levante OUT

Last update 23 March, 2020 by Alberto Llopis

Pandemic the Covid-19 or known colloquially as coronavirus, continues to advance mercilessly attacked mercilessly by the world right now especially with European countries, especially in Italy and Spain but also strength and toughness in Germany, France and the United Kingdom among many others. These countries also combine known as Major League Soccer and look for ways to end the season with guarantees and the least possible economic losses.

Postponing the European Championships and the Copa America up 2021 free calendar

The crisis del coronavirus has made domestic and international competitions at club level have stopped but also that international selections have been postponed until 2021. This is the case for the European Championships and America's Cup, something that the leaders of the major leagues seen as a possibility to embed missing there to finish leagues and save money televisions and economic collapse according to the English web conference . Even counting the pandemic has subsided and is completely under control.

The Premier and LaLiga propose various scenarios

In the English Premier they are studying what remains of league play between June and July and start the season 2020-21 at the beginning of August. According to Middle English, Telegraph, the intention of the leaders of the English professional football would return to competition in June and 6 weeks, mid-July, finish it. They would also be considering starting the next season three weeks later.. So they would comply with the minimum number of games per year fixed in their television contracts and to report to English football gains of up to 3000 million pounds per 3 years.

Javier Tebas, Laliga president is still moving in a more optimistic scenario to end the 11 days remaining championship. The chief executive of the Spanish professional football, He announced that the intention of Laliga was back in mid-May but with a schedule as tight. this would mean, if the situation is solved, he 15 May the ball would roll again in the Spanish fields. Whether the public would fail with or without.

This calendar would be drawn up according to European competitions, in which Spanish representatives still remain and the final of the Cup of the King who must play Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao in Sevilla. Obviously the fight against this coronavirus mark can be met or not. Others like the Bundesliga, la Serie A y la Ligue 1 also they walk waiting for how to solve the timing and economic consequences that this will leave its coffers.


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