Munich Olympic, a stadium with many stories

Munich Olympic, a stadium with many stories

Few stadiums have to talk so much in just 33 years of life which gave the Munich Olympic. Known as the Olympiastadion, creation of data 1972, when the Olympic Games were inaugurated Munich, which they served to name the enclosure.

Munich Olympic, a stadium with a lot of history

The stadium was designed by a panoramic acrylic glass canopies were designed to imitate the Alps and serve as a counterweight to the other Olympic stadium in the country, the Berlin, which he had the dubious honor of hosting the Games in the Nazi regime. Down, the field was surrounded by traditional running track. Precisely, the football field hosted the first big match in its history, the end of the Olympics, where Poland beat Hungary 2-1 with two goals from Deyna.

However, This game was not the first to be played at the Olympiastadion. That honor went to the friendly between the German Federal Republic and the USSR ended with a 4-1 for premises with four goals scored by Gerd Müller.

The Olympiastadion is one of the venues that are already in football history.
The Olympiastadion is one of the venues that are already in football history. PHOTO: Youtube

Completed Games, The stadium was handed Bayern, who started playing their matches in the Bundesliga on site. The thing did not go bad the Bavarians, who managed to win two consecutive leagues playing in the new stadium by adding three in a row. Were also three European Cups won by a star-studded team which highlighted the goalkeeper Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer o el “Torpedo” Müller among others. further, the Intercontinental Cup also saw the German team crowned champion.

They themselves would integrate the German team was going to succeed in this same stadium World Cup 74. A legendary party, which faced the Cruyff and Holland to Germany Beckenbauer and he settled with German victory 2-1. yes, the “Clockwork Orange managed to leave the goals of the Olympiastadion the record for the fastest goal in a World Cup final.

The stadium as it could not be otherwise also hosted the final of the European Cup. And not a, but even in other times it housed: the first of 1979, who won the Nottingham Forest to the Swedish Malmö. The second, in 1993, when Marseille of one beat Papin and Desailly contrapronóstico AC Milan Van Basten and Rijkaard. Three years later, in 1996, Borussia Dortmund was the Summer which crowned European champions by defeating Juventus Del Piero.

In 1988, The stadium lived the final of Euro in Germany. This time, the Dutch would avenge their defeat in the World 74, with an extraordinary end to the USSR, where he could see one of the best goals in football history: stunning volley Marco Van Basten.

Years 80 also they served to the stadium to see the rivalry between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The famous pisotón Juanito to Matthäus took place on the lawn of Olympiastadion. A rivalry that kept the early 2000 with the team of the Galacticos and Bayern Effenberg and Oliver Kahn.

In that year 90, The grounds also received the hosting of TSV 1860 Munich, The other big city team, sharing the stage until the year 2005 They decided to move to the Allianz Arena, the natural heir to the Munich Olympic.

The new jewel of the Allianz Arena

With the creation in 2005 the new Allianz Arena, the Munich Olympic It happened to the background, dedicating itself to host championships second level or outdoor concerts of the best singers and groups in the world (NOT: Bruce Springteen o AC/DC).

And the Allianz Arena is a real jewel in the crown. opened in 2005, the two top teams decided to move to the new court after being subjected to a referendum idea. The first game was honored to play the TSV 1860 against Nuremberg 30 May 2005, just one day before the release by Bayern, who made a grand opening party in a tribute match against the German team.

Allianz is an absolutely modern stadium, whose main characteristic color change plays facade as a computer or other. When does the TSV 1860, the enclosure is illuminated blue, whereas if you do Bayern, red is the predominant color. If playing is the selection, the color changes to white.

The stadium seats 71.000 people, and if anything stands out is the proximity of the stands to the field. It was one of the venues of the world 2006, albergo where the opening ceremony between Germany and Costa Rica, plus five other parties, in which he highlighted the semifinal between France and Portugal, which he ended with gala victory thanks to a goal from Zinedine Zidane.

In May 2012, The stadium was the appointment of Champions League final, where the local team of Bayern suffered badly host the famous and ended up losing on penalties that would have been his fifth European Cup.

Munich's Olympic stadium gave way to the Allianz Arena
Munich's Olympic stadium gave way to the Allianz Arena. PHOTO:
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