foreign teams in national leagues

foreign teams in national leagues
Andorra plays in the Spanish league. PHOTO:

Exist foreign teams in domestic leagues? That is to say, teams that play in championships that are not those of their country. It is often associated with the dispute of a league championship a national competition where teams from the same country are waging a battle to determine which one is the best of that state. That is the general rule and the most common perception between football fans. Sin embargo, this is not always the case and many national leagues where there are a number of combined “intruders” belonging to other states.

foreign teams in national leagues

Swansea and Cardiff in the Premier League

They are actually from the same state. (UK) but no federation (It distinguishes between English and Welsh). The explanation that these two teams play in the English and not Welsh football category is clear: when the Premier League was founded more than 120 years, any team in Britain could play it, but the Football League created in 1992, they had to make the decision to return to their country of origin (Gales), or stay in England. Logically, the level of rivals and more attractive to their audience made them stay there as the source of income and impact was much greater. Incluso, until very recently, Glasgow Rangers y Celtic They raised a possible departure from Scotland to play in the Premier.

Monaco in Ligue 1

The Monegasque club is registered with the French Football Federation desde 1919 and it is common for their competitions to be a small, neighboring Principality of France is seen as unusual for this to happen. Sin embargo, There have been many conflicts between Monaco and Ligue 1.

foreign teams in domestic leagues
Monaco plays in the French league. PHOTO:

Andorra in Spain

In Spain a team from another Principality plays, the FC Andorra, team that in the season 2021-22 promoted to the Smartbank League, the second Spanish division belonging to LaLiga professional football. bought by company Gerard Pique's Kosmos, compete in Spanish professional football. Some time ago he was in Second B. Al contrario, in the Spanish league, el Union Deportiva Bossost Lleida travel every two weeks to France to compete in the league gala. The reason is geographical. It is better connected with France, that Spain itself and since 80 years claims to be the only Spanish side to play abroad.

Liechtenstein and Suiza

In this tiny state in central Europe there is no league and its teams must play in Switzerland. De entre ellos, It highlights the FC Vaduz competing in the Swiss Challenge League, second division. The Vaduz became 2008 the first central European principality club to reach the top flight of Swiss football. However Liechtenstein clubs compete in the Swiss league country under certain conditions, between them, the they can not be champions league but end up first. Can you imagine being first to Barcelona and not winning the title?

San Marino Calcio in the Italian league

Another powerful league that has not only Italian teams. San Marino Calcio represents the small state of San Marino and competes in Italian football. De nuevo, in search of competitiveness and with a scheme that is repeated. Tiny state seeks large country.

Canadian teams in Major League Soccer

As he does basketball in the NBA, la Major League Soccer of the United States hosts Canadian teams such as the Toronto FC, los Montreal impact or the Vancouver Whitecaps. All of this, seeking to compete with better sets than you would in Canada.

The case of Rapid Vienna

Another of the cases indicated that could be expanded with la Bundesliga, Where, in 1941 the Austrian Rapid Vienna won taking advantage of the annexation of Austria with Germany.

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