Cristiano's last World Cup??

Cristiano's last World Cup??
except surprise, Qatar 2022 It will be the last World Cup for Cristiano Ronaldo. PHOTO:

Everything has a beginning and an end and this, It is perhaps the last World Cup that Cristiano Ronaldo will be part of. Day by day, the Portuguese footballer is "in no man's land". After his forced farewell to Manchester, Cristiano has no team in sight. All this has led to many rumors about one of the best players in the history of football.. If all this, we add the supposed bad relations with his partner, we find ourselves with a bad outlook for the player.

It's not a good World Cup for Ronaldo

A last survey published on the internet, in a major newspaper, shows that almost the 70% of users want Cristiano to say goodbye and it is more, It is claimed that he be replaced if he passes at the end. And it is that, It is not being a good moment for the Portuguese. It's hard to see him with the ball and much more, watch him score a goal. Something that, definitely, fans miss.

And it is that, not just any player, He is one of the most powerful players the national team has ever had.. Something that makes you want it or not, look at each of your actions.

He does not have the support of those he considered "colleagues" and now it can be seen how in recent games he has also been replaced by coach Fernando Santos in the games played during the group stage. Meanwhile, names like André Silva or Gonçalo Ramos, they begin to gain strength.

just a few days ago, all these mentioned facts, they took, if it fits, biggest explosion of emotions. And in this case, not good emotions. "You're in a damn hurry to kick me out, fuck you!”. These are the words pronounced by Cristiano and directly to his coach when, once again, was substituted in the match against Korea. According to the coach's words, the situation has been resolved in an intimate way between the player and the coach, and it will only remain in one more anecdote.

Will it be the end or a new beginning?

There are just a few days left before the World Cup ends in Qatar. Exactly, the day 18 December we will know the winner of this year. Yes ok, Portugal has always been one of the favorites, something is clear: when the new bookmakers They have been predicting for months that victory will go to Brazil or Argentina and today, we can see how those predictions are closer to being fulfilled, everything seems to make sense. But the marker can always give surprises and put other teams that have been stomping like France or England in front., selections for which the most famous bookmakers today continue to bet with high odds.

What is clear is that, Although this is the last game played in the national team for Cristiano, they will not be able to remove from his figure that of a historic scorer worldwide that so many moments has given us.

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