What is the difference between the Africa Cup and the African Nations Championship?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la Copa África y el Campeonato Africano de Naciones?

Last update 5 February, 2014 by Julio Muñoz

For many the Africa Cup and African Nations Championship denominations may lead to misunderstanding and even take them by synonymous. However, although the easiest is confusion, little or nothing more, They have to do these two very different competitions. Africa Cup is the continental tournament for excellence involved the 16 best African teams on the planet.

Its existence dates from 1957 and the championship the best players in Africa are involved. It is mostly played every two years in a different venue and its impact is usually high to be held in midwinter, when many teams are risking major European or national titles. Throughout its long history, Egypt has been the country most times has emerged victorious with a total of seven times, but Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon have also lifted the trophy. In the African Cup often involved the best African players, normally, They are in Europe.

If almost everyone knows the African Cup, You can not say the same of the African Nations Championship. First, because it is relatively new. Its foundation date 2007. Second and mainly, because although they also dispute 16 African teams, these are limited to counting Only players who play in African leagues.

El Campeonato Africano de Naciones ha cumplido en Sudáfrica su tercera edición.
The African Nations Championship in South Africa has completed its third edition.

The objective is to strengthen the links of the African continent and increase the level of players still competing in Africa. This causes the media coverage is less than the Africa Cup, but his view allows discover new talents remained hidden from the public.

To date, they have played only three editions of the tournament having won Tunisia, Congo and in the last edition held in South Africa, Javier Clemente's Libya. Barakaldo coach, he used Twitter to tell the news of the selection that directs, has passed into history of the competition to achieve a single party won a title achieved where the quarterfinals, the semifinals and finals has achieved the win from the penalty shootout.

Clemente se comunica con los aficionados en Twitter.
Clemente communicates with fans on Twitter.

amazing achievement for a competition still important moles. The biggest, countries still do tricks on apparel lists, in some cases choosing players who play in Europe ipso facto but officially appear in the national leagues. It is Africa, is pure football.

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