Cairo International Stadium

Cairo International Stadium
El estadio internacional de El Cairo, uno de los templos del fútbol. PHOTO:

Colgados por el Fútbol nos lleva en su viaje por los estadios con más solera del mundo a hacer una breve visita al Estadio Internacional del Cairo. This enclosure can accommodate 75.000 personas es el tercero más grande de África tras el Soccer City de Johannesburgo and the City of El Arab de la propia capital egipcia.

El Estadio Internacional del Cairo: Una de las joyas de África

Created in 1960, right on the eighth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, this colossal stadium has a habit of hosting the most important matches played in Egypt. It not in vain is home to the selection and Zamalek and Ahly. Until its renovation in 2005, The stadium came to get up 120.000 these two souls when these teams vied for the derby par excellence of the capital.

Definitely, the Africa Cup ha sido el gran evento acogido a lo largo de la historia, including two meeting that competition above all. The final of 1986, which proved to be the first local victory in the tournament by defeating Cameroon in a cataclysmic end and the 2006, which he ended with victory also Egyptian, this time against Ivory Coast, and after overcoming a dramatic penalty shootout.

Endowed with an orange athletics track (until 2010 It was blue), The enclosure has also hosted qualifying stages World (like the 1989 which ended with the classification of Egypt following a header by Hossam Hassan) and athletic competitions. His hellish environment, with many times more people in what capacity supports makes him the symbol representing a stage fright in every way, but at the same time they put him in the crosshairs as far as safety is concerned.

This has led to several incidents in the enclosure, which often it has even affected the normal development of parties.

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