El Soccer City, simply, the best stadium in Africa

El Soccer City, simplemente, el mejor estadio de África

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Soccer City in Johannesburg has a special significance for Spain. En su césped, Andrés Iniesta's goal one 11 de julio de 2010 He served to give the first title of world champion Red in an extension unfit for heart. Sin embargo, away from that memorable end, discuss this enclosure is talking about one of the best stadiums no longer just Africa, but also the world.

Because Soccer City, whose history starts in 1989 (although the relevant almost completely remodeled for the World 2010), It is the seventh largest planet football coliseum with 94.100 seats and the first in Africa. A modern facility with all kinds of luxuries among those included 195 VIP boxes with all possible comforts to the highest personalities from anywhere in the world and including the location of all seats in a distance no greater than is included 100 meters in relation to grass. An architectural marvel decorated with ceramic autochthonous, la famosa “calabash” (name that is also known) and it has allowed the country to be seen as a place where innovation and progress is possible.

El color naranja de los asientos tiene un significado especial: el oro.
The orange color of the seats has a special meaning: el oro.

Site of the filming of “Invictus”, its orange seats represent gold, referring to the gold rush in the region. There are also ten gray stripes vertically roam the stadium seats, nine of which represent the nine seats they had in the World Cup 2010.

Headquarters of the African Cups, to from 1996, that ended the first South African title after beating the story “Bafana, Bafana” to Tunisia 2-0 y la de 2013 (replacing last minute Libya to host instead of 2017), on your lawn not only football has been. In the early 90, Nelson Mandela starred in the first speech since his freedom and right there Chris Hani's funeral was held, Communist Party leader who was killed in 1993. Además, there have been many bands and singers who have been able to play his favorite subjects always delivered to the South African population.

El rugby también ha tenido hueco en el Soccer City.
Rugby also has hollow at Soccer City.

sporadic episodes, sin embargo, it derives its greatness in football. Kaizer Chiefs house and shelter of the most important international meetings of Orlando Pirates, was yet, la Copa del Mundo de 2010 which gave international impact to the site. There was coated again and hastily (It was thought that would not end even their access not reached the end of all) for such an important appointment.

What made it big. con 15.000 parking spaces, 4000 for VIPS and design that have made him a reference in the world of football. Known for Soccer City, his real name is not, sin embargo, ese, but another more commercial. El First National Bank o FNB Stadium, the name of one of the most powerful banks in South Africa, FIFA name not allowed to use for the World Cup for publicity reasons. Although Spanish has another name much easier: where Iniesta brought glory to Spain.

Iniesta marcó un gol que valió un Mundial en el Soccer City.
Iniesta scored a goal that won the World Cup at Soccer City.

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  1. Iniesta: Nation in. Fuentealbilla (Albacete). 28 años.
    Sus títulos. 1 Mundial. 2 Eurocopas. 3 Champions. 5 Suspenders. 2 Cups. 1 FIFA World Club Championship.
    Andres Iniesta is also, as well as a great player, a very caring man.

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