Westfalenstadion o Signal Iduna Park, the biggest German stadium

Westfalenstadion o Signal Iduna Park, the biggest German stadium
the Westfalentadion, the best stadium for The Times

Hanging by the Football I could not miss one of the most traditional venues of all international football. We talk about Westfalentadion from Dortmund, Borussia's house, and the sixth largest stadium in Europe, German first. Definitely, one of the temples of German football, which among other things it can boast of having hosted two World.

The Südtribüne is the largest standing tier Europe
The Südtribüne is the largest standing tier Europe.

And the history of the Westfalenstadion is really close to the world championships, to the point that the creation of the stadium was motivated in part to shelter the great mass of supporters of Borussia (the first German team to win a European title), in part to host World Cup 1974, which would replace the city of Cologne as one of the host of the event.

With cases 54.000 people in their stands, the Westfalenstadion would host four matches of the World cited 1974, three of them from the Netherlands, the revelation of the championship, in one of those games even he would beat the then world champion Brazil for a 2-0, with goals from Neeskens and Cruyff.

Definitely, Clockwork Orange would walk part of this wonderful talent in field 2006 it would be again host another World. This time, which he crowned as champion Italy 24 years later. Remodeled to accommodate 80.000 throats, but keeping the yellow towers symbol of the city, the truth is that the Westfalentadion would witness until six games of the championship, including the semifinal between Germany and Italy would end 0-2 transalpina after an extraordinary exhibition in overtime.

appointed to 2021 Signal Iduna Park for commercial reasons, It should not detract from the large number of parties and things that have

the Westfalentadion, the best stadium for The Times
the Westfalentadion, the best stadium for The Times

happened at club level. For a start, The stadium can boast exhausting all their seats in every game of Borussia Dortmund, thanks in part to the Südtribüne, Tribune larger foot in Europe, what with 25.000 giving encouragement and encouraging people overhand his team, convert the premises into a true hotbed. Some even have stated that when the yellow background of Südtribüne roars, The stadium trembles, an affirmation, certainly, It shows the heat of public of Borussia.

Even though, quizás, so many remember the stadium is by the glorious Cup final UEFA 2001, one in which Liverpool won their penultimate European title after beating Alaves in a memorable encounter that ended 5-4 in overtime and is considered by experts as one of the best finals of all time.

And is that despite its 39 years of existence, the Westfalenstadion has lived an intense life. Which it is itself one of the best stadiums in the world, and according to The Times, the best.

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