The world's biggest stadium

The world's biggest stadium
The Rungrado May Day is the world's largest stadium. PHOTO: Wikipedia

When you talk about which is the The world's largest stadium, many people tend to think that this is none other than Maracana. However, desde hace tiempo, It is no longer the famous Brazilian Rio de Janeiro enclosure largest, but such honor to the fit you Rungrado May Day. This majestic stadium located in Pyongyang, the capital of the opaque North Korea. Con más de 200.000 square meters and eight heights, It has capacity to accommodate no less than 150.000 spectators. Much more capacity than the largest stadium in Europe.

Why Rungrado May is the largest stadium in the world?

Created in just two years and opened in 1989, it hosts parties contesting the North Koreans. Besides, thanks to its running track surrounding the field and all interior amenities (swimming pools, sauna, or even a basketball pavilion) You can accommodate all kinds of tests polideportivas.

Despite this majesty, he Rungrado May Day It is a stadium that is rarely filled in its history. In fact, its main use is to serve as stage shows and rallies of the North Korean Communist Party. Allí, you can see all the greatness of the enclosure, with giant parades and representations.

It is thought that the origin of the stadium was marked by the audacity of President Kim II Sung to show the possibilities and resources that the country. However, the opacity of the North Korean Football Federation ( that does not even have a website), as well as the political regime prevent learn more about this stage, without being one of the most traditional enjoy, If that is the largest in terms of capacity and possibly size. A stadium that because of the lifestyle of the North Korean country, few officers and see the great players of the world games. But that, It's another story.

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