The Municipal Stadium of Braga, a marvel of modern engineering

The Municipal Stadium of Braga, a marvel of modern engineering
The Municipal stadium of Braga is gorgeous. PHOTO: O´Bola

The Municipal Stadium of Braga it's a marvel of modern engineering. With such a statement, one may think that we are talking about a majestic modern arena with capacity for hundreds of thousands of fans. The truth is that this is a medium capacity stadium, para 30.154 spectators. Then they will wonder, What is special or wonder?, because it is built in the middle of a mountain.

The Municipal Stadium of Braga, the stadium of ‘La Roca’

this stadium, known as ‘La Roca’, It was built in 2003 on the outskirts of the Portuguese city of Braga for the celebration of Eurocopa 2004, held in Portugal country. Despite its size, It cost a whopping 83 million euros and was designed by Eduardo Soto Da Moura. Sin duda, there is no similar stadium in the world.

As we said, The stadium is in the middle of a mountain. It was built in a quarry near the city of Braga and has only stands on the side of the pitch. Behind background is the rock of the mountain and the other, there is an open space with a spectacular view of the city. Possibly a few balls will be lost but from an aesthetic point of view, It is a beauty for the viewer.

The stands of the two lateral stands are connected with steel cables, inspired by the ancient Incas bridges. The marker is installed on the rock that gives one of the backgrounds. Its high cost was due to had to be extracted a huge chunk of rock for the construction of the stadium, which greatly stressed the work of a stadium that although it is not very big, is tremendously beautiful and innovative.

The stadium is used by Braga. Although it is owned by the city council which has rented. The Portuguese club usually plays European competition. Perched above the city, el Municipal stadium of Braga This is one of those stages that one must visit once.

The best images of Braga Municipal Stadium

 Municipal stadium of Braga
Spectacular panoramic view of the Municipal Stadium of Braga at night. PHOTO: Twitter
Municipal stadium of Braga
In the picture you can see the uniqueness of the stadium grandstand “The rock”. PHOTO: Pinterest
In the picture you can see the rock wall behind a goal.
In the picture you can see the rock wall behind a goal. PHOTO: Pinterest
Braga Municipal Stadium
The rock in a background can become a soapbox. PHOTO: Wikipedia

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