The biggest stadiums in Ecuador

Los estadios más grandes de Ecuador
The Isidro Romero Carbo is the largest stadium in Ecuador and is the home of Barcelona de Guayaquil. PHOTO: Brand

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A sport like football offers wonderful scenarios, but, undoubtedly, stadiums are the most precious of all. In them the overall approach takes place between the fans and players. Over there, within those precincts formed by a central square composed of green grass and surrounded by huge grandstands, breathe emotion, passion, joy, etc. A throughout the world hundreds of these infrastructures are housed, Ecuador and would not be less. Here go the 5 largest stadiums in the Ecuadorian territory.

What are the largest stadiums in Ecuador?

1. Monumental Pichincha Bank

Located in the city of Guayaquil, Guayas Province, and known as the Isidro Romero Carbo Monumental Stadium, This stadium holds the title of being the largest in Ecuador. Inaugurated in 1987, it hold up to 57.267 souls who come together to support the Barcelona.

Tiene capacidad para 59.273 espectadores oficialmente, pero dicen que caben 90.000 personas.
Accommodates 57.267 officially viewers, but they say they fit 90.000 personas.

2. Model Alberto Spencer

Raised in this field 1959 in Guayaquil, It has enough space to bring together 42.000 personas. The teams of 9 Everest and October are the protagonists on their green mantle.

Model Alberto Spencer Stadium, the other temple Guayaquil.

3. White House

Pichincha and, specifically, Quito is home to this stage where it acts as a local of Liga de Quito. Build in 1997, has the capacity to 41.575 personas.

La Casa Blanca, el estadio de Liga de Quito. Uno de los estadios más grandes de Ecuador.
The White House, Stadium Liga de Quito. One of the biggest stadiums in Ecuador.

4. George Capwell

Again we put the spotlight in Guayaquil, since there has been this magnificent stadium where he plays Emelec, created in 1945 and designed for a crowd of 40.000 members.

El estadio George Capwell, la casa del Emelec.
The stadium George Capwell, Emelec house. Coliseum in Guayaquil.

5. Atahualpa Olympic

Again the city of Quito repeats and has the pleasure of hosting one of the biggest stadiums in Ecuador, brand that remains from 1951. There are several teams playing their matches in Atahualpa: Deportivo Nacional de Quito, Catholic University of Quito and America. Inside you can meet up 35.258 spectators.

estadios más grandes de Ecuador
The Olympic Stadium Ataualpa. A stadium with a very American aesthetic.

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