The largest football stadiums in Ukraine: from south to north and from west to east

The largest football stadiums in Ukraine: from south to north and from west to east
What are the stadiums of Ukraine?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so many of the stadiums in which this sport is played are usually imposing and with capacity for thousands of people. Many countries invest large sums of money in building gigantic stadiums, and Ukraine has not been the exception. The interest in this country has grown just as the interest of many players in the american roulette, so today we will show you which are the largest football stadiums in Ukraine.

Kyiv Olympic Stadium

The National Olympic Sports Complex is the largest multipurpose stadium in Ukraine and is located in Kyiv. Tiene una capacidad de 70.050 spectators, being the second largest football stadium in Eastern Europe, and is recognized as an elite stadium by UEFA. The home team is FC Dynamo Kyiv, of the Ukraine National Soccer Team.

The Olympic Stadium in kyiv opened on 12 of August of 1923, and was known as Red Stadium. Various modifications have been made to it., the latter being a reconstruction in 2011 on the occasion of the European Championship 2012, held in Ukraine and Poland. It has a turf area of ​​105×68 meters and is owned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Donbas Arena

The second largest football stadium in Ukraine is the Donbas Arena, located in the center of Donetsk, specifically in the Lenin Comsomol park. It was inaugurated on 29 of August of 2009 and it was also the scene of the European Championship 2012. His home team is FK Shakhtar Donetsk, whose governing body owns the stadium. The team is sharing as a local with FC Metalist 1925 Jarkov.

The Donbas Arena has a maximum capacity of 52.525 spectators, with a turf area of ​​105×68 metros. It is also in the elite stadium category by the EUFA. The facilities of this stadium and its acoustics are ideal for concerts and artistic shows, being these other uses that have been given to it in addition to football matches.

metalist stadium

The Metalist is a multipurpose stadium located in the city of Kharkiv and was inaugurated in 1929. It is mainly used to play football matches, but also for artistic and cultural events. It is the home of FC Metalist 1925 Járkov y, temporarily, del FK Shakhtar Donetsk.

The Metalist State has the capacity to 40.003 spectators and has a natural grass surface of 105×68 metros. This stadium was also the protagonist in the European Championship 2012, so in 2009 remodeling was done.

Arena Lviv

The fourth largest capacity football stadium in Ukraine is the Arena Lviv, inaugurated on 29 October 2011 on the occasion of the European Championship 2012, which is located in the southern part of the city of Lviv. It is the official stadium of FC Karpaty Lviv and, from 2014, it is also the home of FK Shakhtar Donetsk due to the guere that affected their home stadium, el Donbass Arena.

The Arena Lviv has an infrastructure that accommodates a maximum of 34.915 spectators and a grass field of 105×68 metros.

Chornomorets Stadium

Finally we have the home stadium of FC Chornomorets Odesa, located in the city of Odessa. It was opened in 1935, and in 2011 it was rebuilt for the celebration of the European Championship 2012 in the country. Accommodates 34.164 assistants and its field is made of natural grass. The stadium is equipped with a heated soccer field and a modern artificial lighting system.. The stadium will have two information panels with color screens.

during construction, unique architectural solutions of the appearance of the stadium facade were used, that repeats the architecture of the main historical buildings of the city: – Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.

football hung

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