Who has more titles between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Who has more titles between Real Madrid and Barcelona?
Who has won more titles? ¿Real Madrid about Barcelona? PHOTO: EFE

Follow the debate about which club has had the most success in Spanish football. While Real Madrid unquestionably dominates the major competitions, Thank you to your 35 leagues and 13 European Cups, Barcelona can boast in terms of national titles.

Its fans can boast of belonging to the fans of the two most successful teams in Spanish football and it is common for them to seek which bookmaker pays more in the world of pools.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have given us an incredible rivalry year after year, reaffirming to all those who follow them that we face two of the greatest clubs in history.

Besides, equality prevails in this duel, since Real Madrid and Barcelona have won the same number of trophies in their more than a century of existence.

The two greats of Spain are always competing. El Real Madrid tiene 98 recognized championships, Barcelona equals him in numbers. Next, the trophies that Barcelona and Real Madrid have taken home.

Títulos nacionales

The "culés" have fewer league titles than Real Madrid, but they dominate in Cup competitions.

With the title of 2018-19, the Catalan squad adds 26 Suspenders, 31 King's Cups, 13 Spanish Super Cups, two League Cups and three Eva Duarte Cups.

whites have won 35 Suspenders, 19 King's Cups, 12 Spanish Super Cups, a League Cup and an Eva Duarte Cup.

Títulos europeos

Real Madrid already has two European titles more than Barcelona. has reached the 21 con the Kyiv Champions League, two more than the azulgrana squad.

The Camp Nou has hosted five European Cups (four under the system Champions League), four European Cup Winners' Cups, five European Super Cups, three Fair Cups (ancestor of the UEFA Cup) and two Latin Cups (the germ of the European Cup).


The real Madrid, by his side, holds a record of 13 European Cups (seven under the name of Champions League), two UEFA Cup (predecessor of the Europa League), four European Super Cups and two Latin Cups, like Barcelona.

world titles

Real Madrid has a monopoly on world titles. in this segment, the whites double Barcelona. While Barça only adds four titles, the “merengues” have nine.

The Catalan club has won three Club World Cups. the white set, meanwhile, has four Club World Cups, three Intercontinental Cups and one Ibero-American Cup.

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