Nobby Stiles, one of the toughest footballers in history

Nobby Stiles, one of the toughest footballers in history
Nobby Stiles, the Nosferatu of football. PHOTO: Brand

Nobby Stiles he was one of those footballers from another era. A remote glamor antihero, style and fame of the players today. All this despite playing more than 300 parties and 13 seasons in a great European club like Manchester United and having won nothing more and nothing less than the world 1966 con Inglaterra. The only one who is in possession of the British country and held right there. Nicknamed the Nosferatu, caused some players today seem nuns of charity.

Nobby Stiles, the Nosferatu who became famous in the World Cup 66

Born in 1942, Nobby Stiles, went down in history at the World Cup in England when his markings more than man, were to the ankle and other parts of the rival, prevented the rival in power almost did not want or play the ball. Al Eusebio, ‘The Black Panther‘ He even gave him the identity card in the game that both played in that World Cup. It was also there where coincidences of life, He scored his first and only goal for England.

Nobby Stiles Nosferatu.
Nobby Stiles was nicknamed Nosferatu. PHOTO:As

From that World Cup event there was another image of Nobby Stiles skipping, practicing a dance, with the World Cup in one hand and his false teeth in another. And it is at that time in British football elbows were flying as fast as dentures and rare was not wearing a fake. A master of that other football as he could not be less and playing games without teeth, Air leaving only two of them seemed fangs. Hence the Nosferatu. Undoubtedly one of the toughest players ever.

Despite not being a fine stylist football, He played in both the selection and Manchester with players like Bobby Moore, Bobby Robson, Gordon Banks o George Best with whom he shared a dressing room at Manchester United. They were probably the Beauty and the Beast. Stiles finally pulled back in the 70 and even he coached in Canada in the 80 to pass on 90 School to United.

Stiles left us the 30 October 2020

The latest news that spoke of him dated back to the fact that he had been detected prostate cancer in 2013 who took him after fighting him in a long fight 7 years later, he 30 October 2020 . Nobby Stiles, a player from another era, perhaps one of the toughest in history but perhaps more noble than some of today.

Nobby Stiles, George Best and Bobby Robson posing with zamarra the United.
Nobby Stiles, George Best and Bobby Charlton posing with zamarra the United. PHOTO: Manchester United

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